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The Corporate LiveWire Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields.  Our corporate awards cover the most important sectors of business, from Finance advisories, Funding providers to Law firms and specialist advisory companies that deal with mergers and acquisitions.  The culmination of the awards is the Global Award, covering businesses of every type that have proven their excellence throughout the year and years past.
For business owners interested in having their achievements celebrated amongst this prestigious lineup on the Corporate LivesWire's corporate awards, the first step is to receive a nomination through our entry form below.  The nomination will then be assessed by the Corporate LiveWire team and if successful will receive a coveted place in the next edition in one of our Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance, Legal, Lawyer of the Year, Global Fund, Business or Global Corporate Awards.

To put a firm, individual or yourself forward to be considered for an award please fill out the short form below providing as much information as possible.

Award process

The Corporate LiveWire team is committed to identifying market leaders, innovators and enterprising start-ups through in-depth research, word of mouth and first-hand experience. We also encourage external nominations via online visitors, social media followers, clients and colleagues. Nominations should champion the best in their respective fields, representing the pinnacle of business achievements.

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