A Look at Some of the Reasons You Should Be Printing Shipping Labels

Posted: 30th October 2017 15:48

Many small e-commerce businesses and individuals still use traditional methods like pen and paper to create shipping labels for their products. While this is the cheapest way of completing such a task, it’s certainly not the most efficient. You’ve probably overlooked label printing because you don’t send out as many products and you don’t think it’s a viable option, but the fact is, label printing is worth its weight in gold because of the many benefits it provides – some of which are outlined below.

Professional Finish

Your products are going to do all the talking, and consumers are only going to be ripping their packages apart in excitement anyway. However, it’s the professional finish that can make the world of difference in e-commerce, and printing shipping labels will finish off a package in style. So, whether you’re just an individual selling a few used products on eBay, or you’re a growing e-commerce business, it’s best to take advantage of label printing to show customers you have a bit of pride in your packaging methods.  

Efficient Shipping Solution

Time yourself writing a label and sticking it to a parcel using pen and paper methods, and then time yourself doing the same with a label printer. You’ll see that you can print labels and stick them to parcels in half the time, thus increasing efficiency. This might not make much of a difference if you’re just an individual, but it’s guaranteed to make a difference if you’re a growing business. Not only does printing labels improve efficiency, but it’s just an all-round simple method to get things done quickly.

Similar Costs to Traditional Methods

While ink cartridges, labels, and label printers come at a cost, label printing is still a cost-effective solution compared to paper and pen. It might not be cheaper as such, but it’s not going to be much more expensive either. If you’re going down the paper and pen route, you’ll still need to buy Sellotape or glue, along with marker pens and other small accessories to at least make the labels look attractive. Just take a look at the Dymo address labels from Label City to see how similar the costs are – you’ll be surprised.

An Easy Packaging Method

As stated above, printing shipping labels make the packaging process a lot more efficient in terms of time consumed. However, printing labels also makes the process much easier. This is important if you’re a growing business looking to increase productivity. It also means that your employees don’t need excellent handwriting skills to ensure packaging looks professional. Consider a good label printer today, and you’ll find your business looks a lot more professional from tomorrow.

Ultimately, printing shipping labels to send out with your products will make your business look at a lot more professional than its competitors. It’s smaller processes like these in the world of e-commerce that can really set businesses apart from the rest. Therefore, it’s crucial you strongly consider the implementation of a new label printing facility if you want to take your e-commerce business forward.