Achieve Global Reach Using Just One Importer

Posted: 4th January 2018 09:19

Many companies who resell IT equipment to corporations across foreign borders can find the process to be overwhelming. Typically, they search for an Importer of Record to aid them in making the transaction successful, but finding the right global distributions partner can take time, and some trial and error. While the number of importers out there are many, few actually have the knowledge and experience to clear controlled-use goods like computer software. Each country has their own highly specific (and often challenging) regulations to contend with, especially if they want to limit the number of technologies passing through customs.

While an average importer of record will take responsibility for goods once they’re cleared through, what value-added resellers need is someone to go one step farther and take over both the preapproval process, and ensure secure delivery once entry has been permitted. If they’re shipping to multiple countries as well, one successful clearance isn’t enough; what they could use is a single service to partner with, so they don’t have to go through the same complicated process multiple times. Thankfully there are companies like TecEx, importers of record with a point of presence in 136 countries who are familiar and well-versed in each of these country’s import laws.

Stop by TecEx to learn more about how they can help IT resellers manage import documents, ensuring that commercial invoices, freight delivery waybills, and all permits, licences and certifications applied for are the correct ones — for as many separate countries as the reseller needs. This makes them any reseller’s one stop shop for sensitive imports. It only takes the company between 1-3 days to gather all this paperwork, and 3-7 days afterwards, they guarantee clearance without delay. This allows resellers to give all their clients across the globe accurate arrival times, proving to them that they’re trustworthy and dependable.

This importer also only charges the landed-cost quote irrespective of any changes made to a country’s legislature once the package of technologies has shipped, saving resellers money. Another way in which they alleviate the costs for resellers includes procuring for them a value-added tax refund from 40 of the countries they work with regularly that have this type of refund available. Rather than having to write these costs off, resellers can enjoy the tax return in just 6 months post clearance.

Another thing they’re known for is their hands-on service, liaising with freight services and forwarders once the packages enter foreign soil. They even provide access to their own couriers should clients prefer to use them. Their clients also receive access to an online portal where they may track their shipments in real time and connect with a representative should they have any concerns or special requests. Going with just any importer doesn’t guarantee that they have adequate experience with the clearance of technologies, but do your research and see who has the expertise, and what other types of services they include to make hiring an importer worth your while.