Are there any commercial benefits of using Business eCards this Christmas?

Posted: 22nd September 2014 10:35

By Webb Ward
The idea behind using e-cards as a means of conveying your greetings to your clients is clear--- you end up saving time and money. Additionally, they are great alternatives to paper cards. With the much awaited Christmas round the corner, it’s clearly time to send out heart-warming wishes to your clients. Quite contrary to popular belief, business e-cards have not phased out in the age of instant messaging and social media. In fact, businesses still rely on them heavily to propel their relationship-building efforts or marketing campaigns. There is very little difference between e-cards and greeting cards, except that the former makes use of digital content instead of paper or card. The use of digital media makes these e-cards far more versatile than the conventional greeting cards. You can explore endless options to customize and personalize these cards within budget. Plus they can be organized in a much better fashion than the hand written ones. Just think about the entire ordeal of arranging all your paper cards and making sure that each of them reaches the right address! On the other hand, you can send out multiple e-cards just by the click of a button.

There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t explore this convenient marketing tool to forge stronger relations with your clients.

Today we will explore the 5 best ways in which you can use these business ecards this Christmas!

Budget Friendly
As is already indicated, the e christmas cards for businessare substantially cheaper than their paper counterparts. With the digital cards, you can actually eliminate the cost of hiring someone to write these cards for you. Imagine the amount of money you have to shell out for each of those hundreds of pieces to be written!

This remains one of the most endearing elements of the corporate e Christmas cards. Within a short period of time, you can significantly impress your clients by adding personal touches to these cards. If these cards are going out to hundreds of your clients, make sure you’re integrating a personal message for each one of them. For instance if your client is dealing with gift items or is a bakery company, add images of your employees being treated with your clients’ gifts or cakes during the Christmas week!

If you have forgotten to send out festival greeting to one of your clients, you can still do that within minutes. Just avail the complete layout of the message before clicking that “send” button!

Using e-cards entails lesser consumption of paper--- which definitely is an environment friendly option. This festival, show your clients that you are still doing your bit for the sustenance of your planet and let them acknowledge that you “care”. This can significantly bolster your brand image among existing and perspective clients.

Web link
One of the chief reasons why corporate e-cards have been integrated in the holistic marketing mix of companies is the ability to use your company link on them. Usually most of these cards would allow you to integrate the link of your company. It serves as an amazing way to draw tons of traffic for your website. 



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