Attaining The Right Legal Assistance For Your Texas Business

Posted: 22nd December 2017 07:47

Different Needs For Different Businesses
While it is recommendable for any business at any level to retain legal counsel of some variety, this isn’t always immediately feasible. Say, for example, you run a taco truck in Austin. Well, until you hit a certain operational threshold, you can likely operate without retaining an attorney. But if you’re selling tacos without a license, or without health vetting, you could very well find yourself in legal trouble even in such a “small potatoes” situation.
When you’ve got an attorney, you can know where the legal red tape is, and how to get around it without breaking the law. There are ways, and they are entirely above-the-board—depending on the situation, of course. Additionally, you may find aspects of your operations aren’t legal, and you had no idea. That kind of thing needs fixing, and quick.
For example, you may be a restaurant who has recently branched into the sale of alcoholic beverages. There are certain rules here. Before you make the total transformation, in some areas it may be legal to have a “Bring Your Own Beer” situation at play in a “safe” location. That may not be legal in other areas, and so using it as a means to financially tread water until you can afford the $100k+ liquor license you need may not be a viable option.

With this in mind, when it comes to a liquor licensing attorney, you want one who has: “…long-standing relationships with personnel in the TABC’s Austin headquarters and district offices, as well as with the Texas Comptroller’s office, the Texas Attorney General’s office, the City of Houston and other municipalities.” That way you can ensure the best possible legal assistance. The way law works on paper, and in practice, definitely tend to differ—again per situation. A lawyer with connections is ergo recommendable.
Insurance Considerations
Another area of law where it’s very likely you’ll need an attorney at some juncture is in regard to insurance and other employee benefit needs. Getting sued can hurt you financially and in terms of reputation even if you’ve done nothing wrong, and that can be bad for business. Additionally, you could find yourself in a situation where an employee is no longer able to be productive because they’ve lost some necessary monthly payment.

When disability insurance payments stop, you want to find a local attorney similar to San Francisco’s Springer Ayeni, who: “…handles denied life insurance benefit claims for clients throughout California, including one claim where the employer’s negligent mailing error resulted in a missed premium payment shortly before the claimant passed away.”
There are other aspects of operations which may require different kinds of legal assistance as well. For example, if you’re involved in a sensuous business dealing of some type, there are definitely legal requirements which often require a lawyer.
Secure Operations
Here’s the thing: you can’t afford to retain an entire team of lawyers. Well, most businesses can’t, anyway—maybe you’re the exception. Here’s the point: what you want to do is your due diligence in terms of research before you work with any lawyer. Then you only have to work with them financially through a given issue.
Some legal authorities will offer advice without charging you, but don’t bank on this. Rather, what you should do is know who your best legal assistance will come from, and only get in touch with them when you find yourself in a place where you absolutely need legal help. That way you’ll maximize your spending effectively.
Today’s business environment is increasingly litigious. Even if you’ve dotted all your “i’s” and crossed all your “t’s”, you’re apt to run into legal trouble incidentally eventually. Provided you’ve prepared for this beforehand, you won’t find yourself or your business seriously compromised.