Before you go to Vegas - The Best and Worst Casinos

Posted: 26th July 2018 15:33

Whereas it no longer is the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas certainly remains the gambling mecca of the West. Sin City boasts more than a hundred casinos, some of which are popular all over the world. But not all casinos in Vegas are worth the visit. In general, Vegas casinos fall into one of three categories – the cat’s whiskers, the medium casinos, and the worst ones.
Essentially, the cat’s whiskers are those casinos which provide a comfortable gaming atmosphere. The best casinos do not necessarily offer a wide diversity of games, but the games available are well cared for. In addition, the best casinos in Vegas boast exquisite interior as well as exterior. Conversely, the worst casinos are establishments where the staff is awful, the interior – outdated, etc.

The best casinos in Vegas

Below, we will discuss some of the best casinos and casino resorts in Las Vegas.
The Venetian Las Vegas
The Venetian is regarded as one of the best casinos in the world. This is a great casino because it is suitable for all kinds of pockets. The Venetian is situated on the Las Vegas Strip, in a beautiful and spectacularly decorated building. But the interior of the establishment is just as splendid.
As soon as you walk in the lobby, you will be embraced by a lavish interior – the lobby is decorated in gold. What is more, the walkways are wide and open, and there are numerous sculptures all over the venue. To put it simply, the Venetian has succeeded in creating the perfect Venice-inspired interior.
MGM Grand
The second-best casino in our list is the MGM Grand. Whereas it once was an awful venue, today the establishment is modernized and is often regarded as a true Las Vegas icon. The MGM Grand boasts the biggest hotel in Las Vegas as well as the largest gaming floor. What makes MGM Grand a unique Las Vegas establishment is that it has an enormous concert hall and a big sporting event venue. There are endless nightlife entertainment options as well.
The MGM Grand is a truly enormous complex with grandiose architectural details, such as landmark sculptures of golden lions. What is more, on the MGM Grand casino floor, players will find an unparalleled diversity of slot games – here you will find the most modern slot games as well as the best traditional games.
If there is any downside, it is that the MGM Grand is really big and its design is somewhat complex, which can make first-time guests feel uncomfortable.
Caesars Palace
Located in the centre of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace, where are listed the best casino bonuses, is one of the most popular casinos in the world. The establishment was opened back in 1966 and has since undergone a number of renovations to expand and upgrade the property. Caesars Palace is often regarded as a landmark casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and not without a reason. Moreover, as its name suggests, Caesars Palace has a Roman theme.
Caesars Palace offers you to have the ultimate gambling experience whilst being surrounded with splendid Roman-inspired details. Furthermore, the venue is highly praised for its race and sportsbook. Of course, visitors can also indulge in a number of table games as well as hundreds of slot machines.
As with any other spectacular casino resort, Caesars Palace offers its clients high-quality cuisine, prepared by leading names in the culinary arts. For example, the establishment boasts the Bacchanal Buffet, which will completely change your buffet perceptions. The Buffet contains a mind-blowing variety of delightful dishes, worth to try out.

The worst casinos in Vegas

As we mentioned, Vegas is home to one of the most popular casinos on the planet. But the city also houses some of the worst casinos one could ever experience.
Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower
A number of reviews have described this establishment as a depressing location. Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower is out-dated and needs to be refreshed thoroughly. The venue definitely has an interesting look from the outside, but once you enter the lobby, the magical look vanishes.
The gaming floor is damp and cold and its interior is really outdated. What is more, the gaming floor smells of cigarettes. On top of all, the provided lighting is not sufficient enough.
Whereas The Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower is situated in a landmark building, it definitely leaves visitors with a negative impression, which makes it one of Vegas’s worst casinos.
Tropicana Las Vegas
Tropicana is another Las Vegas casino which should be avoided. The service is of incredibly poor quality and the casino building is really old, too. If you want to save your money, you should steer clear from the Tropicana Las Vegas.
You might be offered a free drink here, but that does not excuse the disastrous service. There have been cases in which visitors are given the wrong keys for their room.