Benefits Of A Changing Online World

Posted: 16th November 2016 09:45

What will the e-commerce and web be like in the near future? With mobile technology taking over will there come a time soon when our desktop becomes a thing of the past? Will these changes provide those in need of help a better platform to seek assistance?
The technological landscape is constantly changing. With these changes the equipment that we had five years ago suddenly becomes “virtually” extinct. The ways that we once, and currently, do business online is under constant change as more and more people make the transition from their home PC over to their mobile device
Can you envision a time when apps will take over in popularity to websites? Welcome to 2016 and beyond as this is the new reality. As more people access the web through their mobile device (see the following two paragraphs) companies are taking heed and seeking experts who can design and build apps to increase awareness and traffic to their products and services.
So there are plenty of people who turn on their PC, move the mouse to the address bar, and type in the web address that they want to go to. Imagine for a moment when that will be as foreign as waiting to get the news from the paper delivery in the morning on your front doorstep.
If that is hard for you to imagine then you will be in for a shock as that has already taken hold in many countries where the residents access the web through their mobile device more than through their desktop. And with the utilization of their mobile devices more than their PC this lends itself right to the app industry.  
Along the lines of online advertising, with Google’s acquisition of YouTube, the popularity of video ads has taken a new level of prominence in today’s online world. We can only hope that those pesky pop-up ads will fade away and be replaced by fun and exciting video ads featuring some of our favorite celebrities and athletes!
When was the last time you walked into your local grocery store or gas station, maybe even the local Mom and Pop restaurant, and saw a mason jar sitting next to the cash register with a note taped to it for a local family who was trying to raise money to assist with an emergency?  Yes, they are still commonplace. 
Modern technology and the advancements being made in our online community have made it possible for families and individuals to reach millions when in need versus the small audience that comes and goes in view of the mason jar.
The positive differences being made in the lives of those in need are in direct correlation to the vast audience available in this new online medium.
According to Sarah Margulis, Plumfund Cofounder and CEO, good feelings come with unrestricted giving and today’s online community is increasing the opportunities for those with a giving heart to pack into the stream of life. The benefits available to those who seek assistance is a wider audience and secure platforms. It truly is a win-win scenario for all involved.