Business Broker James Timothy White Expands Into Residential Real Estate With The Launch Of

Posted: 21st April 2015 11:39

Times have changed in the Brevard County real estate business - how so, you may ask? Technology provides options in the way people buy and sell their property. "Real estate has evolved," says James Timothy White, founder of We Say Sold Inc.

In today's culture of budget conscious consumers and a technology-driven generation, there are a growing number of homeowners who are saving money by using technology-driven products and web sites to research and find the selling "price" of their home, then listing and selling the property themselves because they are tired of fees that do not make sense.

With the launch of the flagship office in Brevard County, real estate, business broker and entrepreneur James Timothy White has a new way to help clients in traditional methods while taking advantage of new technology in the home selling and buying process, and it's called, a licensed real estate brokerage in Florida.
Some like to call the company the "discount broker" but White says, "discount brokers provide little service for a fee. If you look at what we offer for a 'flat fee' you will clearly see that we are not discount and that we offer the same or more value-added services than our outdated expensive competitors. The big fees existed back in the day because being a real estate agent was time consuming, but new technology has made the process more efficient." flat-fee packages range from $249 to $1,495. White says, "We offer the savings to those who want a flat-fee product, but will work on a commission-only basis if that's what our customers ask us to do. At the end of the day we want clients to understand that they can get the same service or better at lower cost." is a residential real estate company that provides fee-for-service and traditional full-service real estate brokerage services. The firm was founded in 2015 by James Timothy White and is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida USA.

James Timothy White was born with the spirit of the American dream; he had an inner entrepreneurial fire which drove him to start his first successful business at the age of 12. Today, James is a licensed real estate and business broker, operates several successful companies and also consults with small business owners globally on all aspects of starting, running and selling their business.