Businesses Which Have Benefitted From Global Pandemic

Posted: 6th January 2021 08:39

Although the global pandemic has affected the majority of us in a negative way, with the majority of us have to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus further to protect the vulnerable people and so our life has been greatly affected. However, there has been some business that have benefitted during this period due to their business being moulded to the online digital age – below we investigate further.

Online of the main sectors that have benefitted during this these unprecedented times has been that of online marketplace such as Amazon have been the main beneficiary of this period as many have been too worried about the spread of the virus and have therefore been doing the majority of their shopping online and getting it delivered. Amazon has been the juggernaut during this period which them coming out and showcasing sales growth across the whole year.
Other industries that have benefitted during this period has been that of personal protection equipment (PPE) companies and hand sanitizing products. This is due to many have become more cautious about their health during the pandemic and so these types of companies have seen a huge surge in numbers during this time, and it only seems to be growing further as we get deeper into the pandemic.
Other industries that we have seen souring numbers during these times have been that on online gambling sites, you can find some here, due to many consumers looking for alternative ways to entertain themselves from the comfort of their own home. These certain sites,, are offering some of the best sport betting markets online, alongside promotional deals and sign up offers for all new customers joining now – something certainly worth checking out.
Other forms of entertainment have also benefitted from the same reason as these types of gambling sites such as Netflix who have also reported surging numbers of new sign up from the start of the pandemic. This is due to the fact that theatres, cinemas and nightclubs all closed and have all still not fully returned and so Netflix is still benefitting now, nearly a year on.
And finally, another industry that has been benefitting during this period has been online tech companies that have supplied workplaces to allow for working from home. Microsoft created Microsoft teams which has allowed for many companies to set up their whole business on the platform with ease, and also includes the introduction of Zoom in which has allowed for family and friends to keep in touch during this period.