Buying real estate in the US from a foreign land – Know more

Posted: 24th July 2015 16:40

Investors beyond the US have started considering the American real estate industry as a lucrative investment opportunity even since the US market has started showing some steady signs of recovery. There are a few countries that allow lands to be sold only to their own citizens; however, the US also sells properties to individuals who aren’t citizens of our land. Amongst the different types of community associations, the condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner’s associations have only laid restrictions on selling properties to non-US buyers. Associations are not permitted by some states to sell properties to outsiders in order to prevent absentee owners. The rules of the association aren’t enforceable on owners that aren’t US citizens. Prior to buying or selling a property, it is truly essential to consult with a real estate expert or an attorney.

Financial Assistance

Prior to buying a property, a foreign buyer may seek financial assistance. Besides meeting higher down payments, much larger rates of interest are supposed to be borne by the foreign buyers. Some 40 percent of their purchase price has to be borne by them as down payment. On the other hand, the foreign property buyers have some benefits like the authorities won’t be able to confiscate their assets and won’t be able to serve them with legal notices. In comparison, the domestic buyers will need to abide by the national and state laws besides accepting the risk that they would be tracked down more easily in the event of default.

Deal Closure

closing a transaction after negotiations involving a foreign land require the buyer to travel a distance, which is a primary cause of concern for him. Every phase of your real estate buying experience involves certain procedures; imagine if you’re trying to buy a house in Mangalore, you’ll need to interact with a group associated with real estate Mangalore. Likewise, a foreigner attempting to buy a property within the US is likely to experience the hassle of moving to and fro. On the contrary, a foreign buyer may provide a power of attorney to an US agent to make proper arrangements on behalf of the former. However, the latter may need to put his signature on all important documents whenever necessary.


Taxes are bound to play a crucial role in all real estate transactions. Whenever foreign nationals are involved in transactions concerning lands, things tend to invite more hassles. This happens as the tax laws of a number of countries are applicable.

Things to remember

During the initial 10-15 years period, a property often delivers rental income. Income taxes accrued on such incomes are often not met by the foreign buyers that become property owners by meeting a down payment worth 40-50%. This is often the outcome of expenses that the tax payers are subject to adjust with their income while filing for income taxes as per the US government laws. Calculations of these types often include property taxes, usual charges, depreciation and mortgage interest. Capital gains taxes will be applicable on the foreign buyer while selling his property. Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) will deduct the property’s gross purchase price worth 10 percent automatically before the property gets sold.