Can Sleeping Patterns Impact Your Work Performance?

Posted: 15th February 2018 10:09

A common problem which most ambitious people face continuously is that their work schedule often ends up interrupting their sleeping routines. While that isn’t generally enough to stop the ambitious bunch from chasing their career goals, the question is, is it counterproductive to lose sleep over work? Do you really gain from sleeping less or do you lose out in the long term? To find an answer to this question, go through the following points on how sleeping patterns can affect one’s work performance in real life.

You Will Fall Sick More Often

It’s a proven fact that if you sleep less than five hours a day on a regular basis, your immunity will weaken and therefore, you will fall sick far more often than usual. This of course, means more unavoidable sick days, due to which you will lose out on work. If you have any doubts regarding how much sleep deprivation can cost businesses, check out this study done by Harvard in 2011, which shows that the US economy itself is losing out on billions of dollars per year due to the effects of sleep deprivation.

Sleeping Well Will Make You More Productive

If you are sleeping at least 7 – 8 hours per day, not only will you be more productive during the business hours of the day, but you will also be thinking better all the time. What this means is that creativity and innovative thinking thrives when you have a brain that’s adequately rested and is capable of functioning at its full capacity. Progress is more than just putting in extra hours; it’s also about making the best and smartest use of the time you have and an intelligent mind that’s getting the necessary rest to stay sharp will definitely be able to achieve that with more efficiency.

Cognitive Impairment Due to Sleep Deprivation

When you are working in a complex business structure where you have to solve problems, make decisions and anticipate events among other things, you need to have an excellent working memory, communication skills and problem-solving skills to make it all happen. Irrespective of how sharp you might be originally, you will begin to lose your edge after a while if you don’t sleep enough every single day. In fact, sleep deprivation related damages can at times even be irreversible, if left unattended long enough.

Now that you have an idea regarding how sleeping habits can affect one’s ability to work, it’s time to devise a strategy on how you can get sufficient sleep, without sacrificing on your career goals. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but successful people do manage it. The first thing to do is to cut out any disturbances that might be keeping you awake at night or interrupting your sleep in any way. It is important to ensure that, even if you just get 5 – 6 hours of sleep on most days, that sleep is restful and your body is as comfortable as it can possibly be during those hours. For example, you might not even know it, but the wrong mattress can severely affect your sleeping patterns. Do yourself a favor and check out Memory Foam Talk to see if you are indeed using the right kind of mattress which suits your sleeping habits and what are your best options if you need a new one. The difference that the right bed can make in one’s life is quite incredible and will inevitably improve your work performance the next day.