Companies Finding Success in E-Commerce

Posted: 23rd March 2017 08:22

Here is are some of the most successful companies who are currently finding massive successful via e-commerce. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities or inspiration for you company’s own online sales department, these companies who are currently finding success in e-commerce are the ones to watch in the coming months.

The Bigboys
Amazon continues to dominate the e-commerce market. They receive over 250 million hits per month and they did over 130 billion in revenue in 2016. That is more than twice their sales in 2012. The question is whether their massive growth is sustainable or are they bound to slow down (a la Apple.)  The Alibaba is dubbed the Amazon outside of the U.S. Though their customer service and website usability are not up to par with Amazon (maybe they could use some help from professionals such as those in melbourne web design) Alibaba controls a variety of e-commerce sites and operates nearly worldwide. In 2016 they had sales of over 100 billion, coming close to surpassing the Amazon giant. With the growing middle class of many Asian nations, it is highly possible that Alibaba will soon overtake Amazon as the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. Massive brick and mortar chain Wal-Mart has also been making big grounds in ecommerce. Mobilizing their huge supply chain and deep discount relationships with suppliers they are able to provide some huge price reductions that sometimes can even rival Amazon.
The Old Guard
While Amazon is one of the original big boys of ecommerce, they were also one of the original online marketplaces. They have been selling goods online for over two decades. Another household name in ecommerce is eBay.  The difference between eBay an amazon is eBay allowed for direct consumer-to-consumer sales. Though today, eBay seems to be losing a bit of ground due to intense competition due to so much competition. eBay built their brand on selling unique products direct from consumers though today they aren’t the only ones doing this. Etsy has a similar market plan though they have built a strong brand focusing on high quality handmade and vintage items. Speaking of the old guard, does any remember Kozmo? What Amazon and a handful of startups are doing now, Kozmo did in the 90s. They delivered groceries, booze, and other food products direct to your door. Though Kozmo is long gone, likely too far ahead of their time.
This article highlighted some of the winners and losers in ecommerce. Companies finding success in e-commerce come and go. It is important for investors, consumers, and competitors to keep their fingers on the pulse of this cutthroat online industry. To stay afloat and continue to find success in e-commerce there is no easy solution but it seems like a combination of branding, pricing, and customer service can help better the odds of a company making it. So who will be the next Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Alibaba? Your guess is as good as ours, their is always a distributor around the corner.