Corporate Background Checks Before Hiring Your Next Employee - Stay On The Safe Side

Posted: 18th March 2015 12:41

While you hire an employee for your company, you might need some more information than what the application form of the employee provides. After all, there are a large number of folks who dupe their employees by offering false and incomplete information in their employment application forms. They do this because they don’t want you to know certain facts about their past which might disqualify them from getting the job. This is why it is generally a good practice to perform some corporate background checks so that you may do a little fact checking before you make a job offer.

However that doesn’t shower you with the unfettered right to dig into the personal matters of your prospective employee. As long as some information has enough relation and connection with the person being recruited within the company, you can dig into the details. Workers do have a right to privacy when it comes to certain private matters and they also enjoy the right of suing you if you make the mistake of digging too deep. You may be legally required to follow some procedures like getting the consent of the applicant in writing before you can get such records.

Tips on some vital corporate background checks before hiring an employee
A smart business owner must be aware of the fact that a company is usually as good as its employees. You need the right people for the right job, who are committed enough to their job well. Naturally, you need to find the right person with the right set of skills that will match the requirement of your job. According to AARP, replacing an experienced worker at any age can cost 50% or more of his annual salary in turnover related expenses. Here are some considerations that you should take into account.

1.      Look for multiple mistakes, not a single one: The employers should look for certain patterns of behavior and not a single pattern that can be disturbing. Remember that it isn’t so much the transgression itself that should show the red flag but rather it is the repetitive behavior. For instance, most employers can overlook an employee with a single speeding ticket but they should be careful and wary about a person who has had 5 speeding tickets. This could mean that this prospective employee has a tough time following rules or is immensely careless.

2.      Be watchful with credit checks: Majority of today’s employers are using credit checks on prospective employees as that is a pretty good way of knowing whether or not the person is solid enough for the job. The FCRAor the Fair Credit Reporting Act also allows the employers to check the credit reports of the employees but there too, there are certain rules and specifications. Your credit score is the 3-digit number that speaks about your financial worth and tells whether you’re a fiscally responsible and dependable employee.

3.      Be consistent with your background checks: One of the most common ways in which you can find yourself as the target of employment discrimination lawsuit is when you subject someone to some peculiar kind of background check while not doing the same thing with someone else. The more regular and consistent you can be with the process of background checks, the less likely anyone can have any grievances on you. Make sure you don’t fall victim to such injustices.

4.      Remember to check their college career: Good background check companies can offer at least 7-year histories for the individuals. However, if the potential employees have passed their colleges way before, you should consider leapfrogging to those days so that you may check what they actually did during that time. You should also definitely verify the education background of even you C-level employees, the people who are probably going to be responsible for the most valuable documents of your company.

5.      Give up when the surface is bad: This is indeed a nice thing to do but it is also a smart step to take as well. You might let go of a good future employee by not talking to him about something that’s bothering you, you can move on to the next employee and feel good about the fact that you gave the previous individual a shot. Try to make things better for your company at any cost.

Now that you’re deciding about hiring an employee, make sure you check the above mentioned points. In case you’re an employee who’s reading this article, you should rush to some reputable debt consolidation companiesto trigger off your debt and boost your credit score before opting for a job application. Steer clear of debt so as to increase the chances of acceptance in a company.