Corporate nights out – How to spoil your employee

Posted: 9th November 2016 11:25

As we edge ever closer to Christmas, the pressure starts mounting for employers to start planning how to treat their valued employees for working hard all year. Obviously all businesses have budgets that dictate what you can plan, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place…
Provide entertainment
Many employers like to kick festivities off with some kind of activity. Not only is it fun for all involved, but it also promotes team-bonding, which will only pay dividends for you in the long run. Obviously, you’ll need to choose an activity based on the interests of your team and how many staff you have. Use your imagination - activities can range from anything a poker night, to paint-balling, a visit to an amusement park, or to a theatre production, an inter-company sporting tournament, or perhaps a company-wide weekend away. It’s good to gauge the interests of the target audience – the last thing you want is for them to feel bored when they’re supposed to be celebrating.
Slap up meal
You know what they say about the way to someone’s heart being through their bellies…well, whoever coined that phrase knew their stuff. Everyone likes to be treated to a slap up meal everyone once in a while, so make sure that when you treat your employees, you treat their taste buds too. Again, this doesn’t have to break the bank – you can opt for anything from a company BBQ, to a fine dining experience. Just make sure there’s zero chance that your employees will go hungry. Plus they’ll need a square meal to soak up the booze…
Ample booze
Finally, and possibly the most importantly, you need something to toast your employees with. Making sure that drinks are completely on the house, or that there are at least a couple of complimentary tipples at their disposal will keep smiles on your employees faces, and will show them that they’re appreciated.