Cost-Effective Employee Appreciation Gifts

Posted: 7th March 2019 07:46

While customer appreciation is great, you should show some appreciation for your employees as well. Without your employees, your company would fail. Twelve percent of employees work harder when they feel appreciated, according to a recent study by the University of Warwick. Showing your employees your appreciation every once in a while will motivate them to work even harder for you.
Celebrate Little Wins
It's easy for large organizations to focus on small wins. But you should focus on the little wins as well. Some of these little wins could be the launch of a new product or achieving your annual sales goal. It can be harder to keep track of these small goals that can be achieved.
These small goals help pave the way for larger goals; let’s say you want to launch a new product line by the end of the year. One of your employees on your IT team finished all the necessary coding for each product. While the product line isn't done, that doesn't mean it's too early to show appreciation for that employee's hard work and effort. One of the best gift ideas for employees is a shout-out to an employee in a company memo that shows you care.
As you can see, you don't have to buy a huge or extravagant gift to show you appreciate your employees. With that said, a real gift goes a long way in showing employees you value their hard work as well as motivating others to do the same. For example, the corporate gift vouchers available via can be used by companies to cover part of the cost of a holiday dinner the employee plans to host. It’s not exactly a juicy bonus, but a juicy slice of turkey sounds pretty good to most people too.
Offer Employee Rewards
One of the most cost-effective ways to show appreciation for your employees is to celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small. You shouldn't just keep track of their achievements every time their annual performance review rolls around. You should keep track of their achievements, performance, and any goals that were missed or surpassed expectations throughout the year.
Maybe you can hold monthly employee innovation and excellence awards. The Employee of Month program can motivate your own employees to nominate one each other. You can assign these awards to those who took on responsibilities that others did not want. Notice the ones who became leaders, met their goals or provided new ideas that worked. This shows your employees that you pay attention to what they do, which will give them more motivation to work.
Hand Out Treats

This is where it gets fun. You can throw an ice cream party, pizza party, or corporate barbeque every month. Maybe you can use this opportunity to feed some of your best employees during lunchtime. This is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work at the end of the month or quarter.
Offering free food and beverages to your employees is an easy way to thank them for all they do. They'll look forward to lunchtime if you continue this on an ongoing basis. Everyone loves enjoying a free meal on the house. While you don't have to do it every month, offering free lunches every quarter or season is a great way to pay it forward to your employees who helped your company achieve its goals.
Organize Potlucks
Ordering food or hiring catering on a regular basis can become a costly expense. This is especially the case if your company is on a tight budget. There are more expensive ways to let your employees enjoy a special lunch. If you want, you could hold this event on Employee Appreciation Day, which is on March 1st.
Plan a potluck lunch or dinner as part of your employee appreciation. Ask each of your employees to cook or bring a meal, snack, or dessert to contribute. You can enjoy the food and each other's company during this special event. This will get your employees more involved and will show your dedication to your employees without spending a lot of money.
Celebrate Employee Anniversaries
Celebrate the employees who have worked for your company for a long time. These individuals are just as invested in your business as you are. Whether they worked with you for a few years or decades, it's important to recognize their commitment to your organization.
One of the best gift ideas for employees includes a thank-you card, letter of appreciation, cake, or a small gift. This can be as cost-effective as you want it to be. It'll still make a big impact on your employees because of the thought you put into it. A gift with a meaningful message can get the message across like an expensive gift.
Don't be afraid to ask your employees how they would like to be appreciated. You may think you know what they want, but sometimes they could end up disappointed. Send them a survey with cost-effective options, and ask employees which ones they like. This can transform the workplace into a happier and more productive work environment.