Curious about fast broadband? This is why you need it

Posted: 7th September 2020 08:47

Whether you’re a remote worker, someone who likes to stream throughout the day or you’re a business owner who’s trying to grow in an uncertain market, one thing is certain: everyone needs a good broadband package.

Broadband is a home and business essential; we simply can’t live or work without it in this day and age. Which is why ensuring you have the best quality broadband and the best deal is crucial. You’ll find the latest broadband deals at But do we really need high-speed broadband? Can't we just get by with a basic download speed?

Here we'll explore why everyone should switch to high-speed broadband.

You can watch all your favourite shows!

More of us than ever before choose to stream and download our entertainment or watch TV shows “on-demand” at times that suit our schedules. And we all know that there’s nothing more frustrating than watching the buffer wheel turn during the nail-biting finale of your favourite show.

Simply put, if you want to enjoy your films, shows and catch-up TV without interruption and with crystal clear quality then you’re going to need super-fast broadband. To get the most out of your subscription and on-demand services you need to make the switch and find a better deal now!

It makes happier gamers!

Whether you like to chill out and game on a weekend or your kids love playing online with their friends, the faster the broadband the happier the gamer. Traditional broadband services often create a delay as information is pinged from one server to another and then back to the gamer. No one wants their game to lag when they're in the middle of a firefight, or about to score a much needed goal. So, switching to superfast broadband means you’ll all enjoy a much more reliable gaming experience when you need it the most.

Homeworking is a reality

Covid-19 has left many of us adapting to working at home, and thanks to superfast broadband the transition has been much easier. There are many benefits to working from home, and when you have a good connection and download speeds, you'll find that your productivity and work efficiency increases. Faster broadband has made the dream of homeworking a reality, which in turn is providing much more flexibility for parents and carers who would normally struggle to maintain a steady work/life balance.

It’s more reliable

Old copper cables wear away and can become corroded over time, this alone makes standard broadband incredibly unreliable and frustrating to use. Traditional copper lines are simply slower and less reliable than their fibreoptic counterparts! Simply put, you’re less likely to have connectivity and speed issues with superfast broadband.

And finally, it’s better for business

If you're running a business or thinking of setting one up in the future, then superfast broadband is essential. From data back up requirements to e-commerce capabilities, connecting with customers, hosting remote workers, high volumes of traffic etc. In short, if you want your business to succeed then you're going to need superfast broadband.