Don't Have a Will? It's More Important to Than You Think!

Posted: 22nd October 2018 09:27

Every day an individual on this planet dies. The family is left grieving their loss and sometimes paying for a large number of expenses that the dearly departed have left. Fights break out among family members or close friends over what they should or should not receive from the deceased. This a sad occasion that takes place all too often from the deceased not having a will. Having a will can help with so many problems at this time.  It is a process that will relieve you of trying to figure out what your loved one wanted as their final directive. This can make a sad time an organized, and efficient event.

A notary’s signature is required on several legal documents, such as a will. Superior Notary Services offers a unique, mobile notary public service; agents will come to you at your convenience. Although they are not attorneys, they work with a network of professionals. With this type of availability, there should be no problem getting a will notarized at a client's location. When a company sends you documents that must be notarized, make an appointment with a mobile notary to help with your busy day.  

Some people may get a will and life insurance confused. The difference is that life insurance pays the family or funeral home the expenses you paid a premium on for a certain amount of years. A will is a legally-binding document acknowledged after you die and protects your assets, spouse, children, and details how you want things handled. One reason to have a will is to leave finances to charities as a gift. A certain amount is excluded from taxes, according to the state you live in. You can decide who will take care of your affairs, often called a trustee or executor. This person will reach out to debtors you may still owe and distribute items you have listed in your will to go to specific people. It’s unfortunate that many people think they will never die. We don’t know what may occur tomorrow, so it is wise to plan for this time whenever it comes. 

So how do you start a will? We know it’s not something any of us want to do, but it’s very necessary. Start by choosing your executor and have a second person, if possible. This person, as mentioned above, will be the one to handle everything in your estate. Make mention of your possessions. You may not want your children to get anything and you have that right. Offer to donate it or specify who you want to receive certain assets you have. A great idea is to draft a letter, aside from the will itself. It could be a way to say goodbye to everyone in the room or have numbers to accounts required to retrieve information. Either way, there will be no doubts left on what to do with the will or letter in place. Speaking with an attorney is best when you’re ready to draft and finalize your will. You can certainly come up with everything on your own but since this is a legal document, it must be worded a certain way so that the state can honor it and have it on file.

A will is a process many put off thinking about. It shouldn’t be considered a time of doubt or sadness, as well as when you die. It is a serious time to simplify your life when you have passed on. Your loved ones shouldn’t have to go through the courts to have your assets distributed, to have family drama, or pulling funds together to pay off debts. It’s a real thing that happens every day. It doesn’t cost much to have a will drawn up. It is much less than the cost families endure when there is no will set in place. Leave your family with cherished memories of you and not debts to pay on your behalf.