Don’t Overthink the Final College Choice

Posted: 3rd August 2016 09:07

As your senior year goes by, you get more and more nervous about one thing: your final college choice. It seems like you already know all advantages and disadvantages of choosing this or that place (as you created a huge list of pros and cons long time ago) but something yet bothers you a lot. You think “What if I make a mistake? Should I follow my heart or my mind?” So, once again, you wake up in the morning and begin reading the reviews and consider different financial aid options.

Stop worrying. It won’t help. It will only make you feel worse. There is no perfect college for you until you actually find out this for yourself. Remember one simple fact: different college offer various opportunities but it is up to you how you are going to benefit from what each of them offers. No need to overthink your final decision and here is why.

Your Career Path Is Still Undecided

You may be interested in Creative Writing now.  While some look for essay writers in UK to deal with complicated papers, others help underperforming fellow students. Possibly you can even make additional money writing essays for academic students. But how can you know who you will be in 5 years? Right, there is no way you can know such things.

The point here is that you may start as a writer in college and graduate as a master in Social Studies. Interests can change and it is not always up to us.

You Have no Idea What Kind of People You Will Meet

One thing is clear: you will meet a lot of new people. They will all be different. But you chose this college because it is perfect for you. While some people choose careers that suit their personality and values, you can start by picking the college that will make you happy. How can it be achieved? It means that most likely you will meet people with same views as yours there!

Don’t reconsider your decision because you are being frightened to meet boring or uninteresting people. There are amazing and hardworking students everywhere.

You Will Experience Personal Changes

As young people go to college they change a lot. Sometimes it takes only one semester to notice big changes on the inside and on the outside. You will change too. You will adapt to the school of your choice quite fast. Between lectures and home assignments you will simply have no time to think that it is hard to get used to this place. In no time you will feel a part of the community of your college.

Sounds fair enough? It is obvious that the more you will think, the more doubts and questions you will have. As one philosopher once said: “Pick your first choice. It’s what you want the most and it is the best for you.”
Do not let second thoughts mess up with you. You have got pros and cons. What else can you possibly need?  There is no best college for you on the entire earth. Some schools fit you more, some less. Nevertheless, the school that you have already chosen will allow you to excel.

Follow your heart and you will never regret your decision. Good luck in college!