Do’s and Don’ts When Planning a Corporate Event

Posted: 7th March 2019 07:43

Organizing a corporate event isn’t as easy as one might think. There’s a lot of time, money, effort, and thought that must go into making the occasion a success. Whether you’re planning a small in-house party or a major conference, when tasked with the responsibility it is important to come up with a thorough plan. As it is a huge undertaking, to avoid common mistakes, keep these corporate event planning tips in mind.
Do Choose a Venue The Best Accommodates Your Event

When looking for a venue for your corporate event it is ideal to choose a place that can best accommodate your needs. If you were planning a conference, it would be best to look for hotels or business centers to host the event. However, if you’re going for an intimate company cookout, you might opt for a park with outdoor bbq islands or a restaurant with comfortable seating.
Do Define Clear Goals

Before you start planning a corporate event it is important to communicate with all involved organizers. The idea is to get a clear understanding of the purpose of the event and the main objectives. Who do they want to attend? What message do they want to portray? What are they hoping to get from the event? The company’s vision for the event is essential to various details throughout the planning process.
Do Enlist Help

Planning a corporate event on any scale has a lot of working parts. Though you may have been tasked with the responsibility on your own, you should not try to take it all on by yourself as it can be very stressful.  Enlist a few employees who are knowledgeable about the company and event goals to pitch in. Delegating tasks helps to save time, reduce room for error, and pull off a successful event.
Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Depending on what kind of corporate event you’re planning it could take weeks or even months to pull everything together. Things like booking a venue, finding keynote speakers, reserving hotels for out-of-town guests, and more will require advanced planning. Try to give yourself as much time as possible. If you’re asked last-minute, be realistic with company heads about your ability to pull off what they want in the timeframe they provided.
Don’t Forget Dietary Needs

Most corporate events will involve the need to find a catering company for food. As you’re deciding on which company to go with, don’t forget to consider various dietary needs. If you have guests that cannot eat certain things for health, religious, or personal reasons you need to have delicious alternatives for them readily available.
Don’t Forget to Use Checklists

When planning a corporate event there’s a lot that needs to be done. Trying to remember it all on your own is a surefire way to forget something important. Use detailed checklists to keep you on task.

Whether it's a workplace safety training or a corporate networking conference, event planning is a very involved and lengthy process. In order for the event to be a success, it must meet the expectations of the hosting company and exceed those of the guests. To make that happen it is imperative that you keep each of these do’s and don’ts in mind.