Downside of Military Technological Advances To Promoting World Peace: North Korea Vs the United States

Posted: 5th December 2017 09:43

Technology is accelerating at a faster rate than ever before in every sector. This is a great thing for our beloved nations nonetheless some technological advances are posing a threat to world peace. In spite of the efforts being made by nations to maintain peace worldwide, nuclear weapons are causing tensions to the global economy. North Korea and the United States are at each other’s throat over nuclear weapons including ballistic missiles being tested by North Korea at regular intervals. Military technological advances have promoted the notion that the stronger the military power of a nation over other nations the more power and influence it has.

Military expenditure of many nations around the world has grown in recent years with each nation beefing up its military strength. At the moment everyone is more concerned about the conflict between North Korea and the United States that can draw many nations into war and possibly shutting down online services including gambling sites online. In 2017 alone North Korea has conducted over eight nuclear tests and the US President Donald Trump warned that “North Korea is begging for nuclear war”. An intercontinental ballistic missile launched on November 28, 2017, has added gasoline to already burning open fire. The Asian country represents the greatest threat to the United States in decades and US is not willing to take it for granted. Military drills are underway in South Korea as the potential for war is growing each day. US fighter jets on December 4 started air combat exercises over South Korean airspace. North Korea quickly responded to this action saying the US is pushing for nuclear war.

The world leaders are pushing and hoping for a peaceful resolution by giving North Korea sanctions and cutting ties with the Asian country to curb its nuclear advances. North Korea is not only advancing in nuclear weapons but the whole military technology including anti-air weaponry.

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