Effective Ways to Draw Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Posted: 15th September 2015 12:10

Exhibition stands are an excellent way of successfully engaging with both existing and potential customers. However, in order to provide successful engagement at an exhibition stand, you will need to both attract and keep visitors, which can be done by providing those little extras that people genuinely want and ensuring that your customers feel welcomed and that their needs are met. Meeting the needs of customers at conferences and exhibitions can go a long way and says a lot about your company or brand when it comes to making sure that customers are satisfied. We’ve put together a list of things that you can do to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand.

The Power of Free Wi-Fi

Never underestimate the power of free Wi-Fi when it comes to attracting people. With most people in today’s day and age using some form of internet connected mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, free Wi-Fi is something that people genuinely want – after all, why pay to use data when you can connect to a Wi-Fi network for free? Many events and exhibitions have a poor Wi-Fi connection or none at all, so having a good Wi-Fi connection freely available to your visitors can go a long way. However, make sure that you get something in return such as their contact details or permission to add them to an email list.

Useful Freebies

If you really want to attract visitors, stay away from generic freebies such as pens that everybody else will be offering, and instead provide your visitors with different,useful freebies such as USB pens, mugs and water bottles, pedometers, lip balms, stress balls and even trolley coins which you can find online at a range of promotional items websites starting as low as 50p. Offering promotional items that your visitors will actually find useful in either their professional or personal lives is one great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. If you’d really like to discover the freebies your visitors would love, why not conduct some research beforehand so you know exactly which the best items to provide are.

Stand Design

The design of your exhibition stand is what attracts visitors to the stand first and foremost, so it’s crucial that you spend some time to design your stand in such a way that it looks attractive and appealing to guests at the exhibition. A good way to find out what exhibition stands are appealing to customers is by carrying out quantitative research such as surveys where customers are shown a number of exhibition stand designs and asked to specify which ones they would prefer to visit based on appearance alone. If you’re looking for a professional and appealing exhibition stand design that’s guaranteed to attract more visitors, check out

Do you regularly hold stands at exhibitions in order to better engage with existing and potential customers? If you’d like to let us know what works well for you or add anything to this list, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.