Essential Corporate Background Check Criteria for Job Applicants

Posted: 28th August 2020 11:43

Getting a background check for all prospective employers is common today. It is usually the last step in the hiring process. It's a great tool used to protect the employer from possible future problems and ensure that they hire the best.
Why Background Checks Are Important
There are numerous reasons corporations use background checks before hiring new employees. One important reason to conduct background checks is that the employer can be held responsible for certain employee actions at work.

Other reasons include:

Professional background screening services will let you know exactly who you are hiring. A survey found that hiring the wrong person could cost the employer as much as $17,000. In addition to monetary losses, there is damage to moral, loss of production, and a negative impact on your workforce.
Criminal Background Check
Laws differ from state to state. Some states have a ban-the-box law that prohibits employers from asking prospective employees their criminal history until after they have had an interview. Professional background screening services will know the laws in your state and how to proceed.
Conducting a criminal background check is one way to keep you, your employees, and property safe from problems. Some of the issues can include theft of property,sexual harassment, and drug use at the workplace.
A corporate background check that includes a criminal check can protect you from future litigation if something does happen at your business. Otherwise, you could be held liable.
Identity Verification
It's imperative to make sure that the applicant is who they say they are. With so many fraudulent and stolen social security cards, you have to verify their identity. The corporate background check should include a social security trace and a verification of their I-9 form. The I-9 form will show that they're eligible to work in the United States. Failing to verify an applicant's identification could potentially cause you legal problems down the road.
Qualifications Check
When hiring a position that requires specific training and skills, it is vital to verify the applicant's qualifications. When it comes to filling out job applications, this could be the one area where white lies get told.
If your job opening requires specific job skills, degrees, or years of college, it is important that you verify that your new hire has these degrees and abilities. The background check will also confirm their previous employment history.
Financial Credit Check
When hiring a new employee, it might be necessary to include in the background check a credit check. If new employees will be handling large sums of money or sensitive documents, knowing their financial history could be significant.
The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires an employer to have written consent from the applicant before checking their credit report. Bankruptcies might also be included in the corporate background check, but federal law prohibits discrimination against an applicant that has filed bankruptcy.