Everyone's In Sales: Stop Apologizing Overcomes Limiting Beliefs in Sales

Posted: 4th February 2015 09:29

Too many things stop us from selling – especially our "Sales Apologists" that tell us we should feel badly when we sell.

In this new business development book, "Everyone's In Sales: Stop Apologizing" Todd Cohen shows how to defeat our Sales Apologists. He delivers a lively and practical guide that helps everyone sell themselves better. He talks about:

•             The three qualities people need to sell well: Passion, Integrity and Confidence.
•             How powerful personal value propositions help us get what we want.
•             How to turn a firm "no" into an enthusiastic "yes."
•             The hidden sales opportunities in every conversation.

"Selling can seem scary but I promise you—it's not! Once you start selling, you'll discover that you are good at it and that it's fun," said author Todd Cohen, who presents keynote speeches on sales culture at conferences, conventions and private company educational sales training workshops.

"When we sell the right way, people are waiting for us to ask for the order. The want to say 'yes' to us because we've earned that yes," he said.

The book starts by making you feel comfortable selling yourself and stop apologizing for doing it. Then it builds the personal qualities, especially the confidence, everyone needs to sell. The book reviews simple selling principles that anyone can learn and that make selling easy and enjoyable.

"When we're done, you'll know how to make these principles work for you," he said. "I wanted to write a book that would speak to—and help— everyone from the C Suite to the reception desk, from seasoned entrepreneurs to people taking their first steps toward inventing or reinventing their work lives. I wanted to speak to everyone because I believe everyone needs to sell themselves well to succeed in today's world."

One key point Cohen makes is that passion sells and defeats our Sales Apologist.

"When we believe in our hearts and guts that what we have to offer is of real value—what we make or what we do or the knowledge, skills and experience we bring to our work—and we convincingly express that belief, then people will say 'yes' to us. If we don't, they'll often say 'no' even if we are excellent at what we do. The book talks about how we think about making every interaction an effective selling opportunity," he said.

Early book reviewers endorse Cohen's philosophy that "everyone's in sales."

"I continue to see most leaders try to insulate and isolate themselves from the sales function and its service mandate, seemingly oblivious to the truth that sales and service constitute the essence of the enterprise. If you want to create a sales culture where more sales happen, I suggest you work with Todd Cohen," said Ken Shelton, Editor and CEO, Leadership Excellence.

"Todd's sales culture message removes any of the fear or negative connotations associated with the word 'sales.' We all do it," said Steve Scebelo, Vice President, NFL Players, Inc.

"We don't always call entrepreneurs sales people and entrepreneurs don't always think of themselves as sales people because of that. Yet as an entrepreneur, I am always selling. I am selling in order to build a team. I am selling to get investment. I am selling to develop press relations. And of course I am selling in order to get my first customers," said Chuck Sacco, Director of External Relations for The Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University.