Facebook wants you to find friends with similar interests in latest app update

Posted: 15th September 2017 14:45

In a recent report by Techcrunch, the new latest Facebook app update allows you to find friends with common interests like yours. On Friday, the social media giant launched a feature that enables you to find friends you’ve something in common with. Your friends will be selected according to pages they liked, music, movies, workplaces, places lived, events attended, and other hobbies. This information is only displayed when there’s a match between the two users.

The new feature is so cool because you won’t waste your time requesting someone with totally different interests from you. It will be easier to be active on your Facebook with friends you have something in common with. The feature notifies you if you want to meet up with the selected person then you can either accept or decline. However, it is not yet clear if the new feature is now available to everyone worldwide. Maybe they should try to give more freebies like at online casino real money sites.

Facebook wants you to share Instagram stories on Facebook

Facebook is currently launching a new feature that allows you to share Instagram stories on Facebook pages. If you posted an online casino photo on Instagram, it will also appear on Facebook. Instagram reported that it always testing new features to give its users a great experience and make it easier interact with your friends from Facebook through story-cross sharing feature. The story will appear both on Instagram and Facebook, on Facebook, it will show that it originated from Instagram. It is that the feature is currently working in Portugal and we are expecting it to be rolled out to other regions in the world in coming weeks. However, Facebook never confirmed where exactly it is testing the new feature. Facebook has been successful in story-cross sharing and WhatsApp and Messenger are evident of that. Recently, the numbers of active users on Facebook have been falling and Facebook is trying to boost users’ activity.