Five Fun Corporate Team Building Activities to Try

Posted: 4th July 2018 15:22

Assembling a team and building it up into a cohesive and smooth operating unit are two different things, and yet many managers overlook the importance of strengthening bonds as a core group exercise. Team building activities help your employees become familiar with each other and develop skills related to problem solving, innovation, and collaboration. There’s also a distinct difference between general training and teambuilding, as the latter is supposed to be socially enjoyable whereas training is more on the educational side of the spectrum. Coming up with fun yet edifying teambuilding activities can be difficult if you’re just brainstorming from scratch, so we’ve compiled the following list to help you out:

1.Specialised L&D Activities

One of the coolest and most memorably ways to help your employees work better together is through team learning and development (L&D) games like Fresh Biz, Escape to Eden, and It’s a Rat Trap. Such games let your staff team up to achieve common goals in a creative and fun way. Other interesting games that are commonly used by team building specialists include Fast & Furious, The Bigger Picture, and Animation Nation, all of which can be explored via the link above.

2.Game of Possibilities

This quick team building game only takes about 5-10 minutes and can be done during the span of a simple office break. You separate the room into groups and hand a random object (or a drawing on a napkin) to one person in each group. The group members who receive an object must think of a use for it and then go up in front of the room and illustrate their proposed use in a charades-like manner – no speaking allowed, and creative uses are encouraged – while the other members of their groups try to guess what purpose they’re demonstrating. This is more of a creativity exercise, but you could argue that the winners are the group members who guess right.

3.Treasure Hunt

You can do a treasure hunt or, if you’re on a budget and would rather use random objects instead of “treasure,” you could just call it a “scavenger hunt.” This activity involves hiding objects at various locations or spread across the office premises and then giving groups clues so that they can work together to find the hidden objects.

4.Building Challenges

Challenging your team to build something basic can be a great way to test the creativity and leadership skills of individual employees while they work within groups. You can take the physical approach by holding a raft building and racing event or challenge your groups to build a new brand or hypothetical product. Hypothetical building and design projects can be very useful because they often lead to valuable brainstorming sessions that yield innovative ideas.

5.Teamwork Contests

Finally, while traditional team building activities involve tasks or games that employees wouldn’t normally carry out in the course of a business day, you can take the opposite approach to split people into groups and let them compete in terms of at-work performance. For example, a sales and marketing agency could make groups compete for sales and leads. Of course, there are many ways you can spin this concept to work for virtually any metric.

These Activities Can Be Done in Just a Couple Hours

Perhaps the best part about all of the team building ideas we mentioned above is that they don’t have to consume an entire work day. In fact, you can get them all done in just 1-3 hours after a shift or at the weekend. Every workplace holds extracurricular events, so why not throw some beneficial team building exercises into the mix?