Five key steps to driving online conversions on your small business website

Posted: 8th June 2016 10:28

There is no doubt about it; the future of commerce will be defined within the online space. There are even a number statistics to underline this, with online retail sales in the UK alone having reached an impressive £52.25 billion in 2015. This trend is only likely to continue further in the future, as customers continue to spend more online and ultimately signal the end of bricks and mortar retail.
The same principle also applies outside of the retail market, too. After all, if you explore online bingo and virtual casino platforms have also thrived, creating an increasingly viable alternative to land-based halls and outlets. In short, the majority of markets seem to be heading towards a virtual setting, where overheads are significantly lower and potential profits are huge.
To capitalise on this trend, however, you will need to take steps towards securing the best online conversion rate.
Have a clearly defined value proposition
Before you invest in any specific strategy or technique, it is imperative that you have a clearly defined value proposition for your brand. This should be based on your brand values, the key selling features of your products or a combination of both, so long as you focus on communicating why customers should partner with your business ahead of market rivals. When done well, this can be a compelling piece of message that has a huge impact.
Invest in a Live Chat Feature on your website
While we have all been irritated by pop-boxes that ask us if we need assistance when we are simply browsing, the live chat feature is integral to any e-commerce website. The key is to make it accessible and actionable for when consumers need it, rather than automatically triggering it to open when visitors land on a specific page. This strikes the ideal balance between informing consumers and allowing them to shop at their leisure, empowering them in the process.
Integrate your live chat feature with social media
There are increasingly blurred lines between concepts such as e-commerce and social media, as the latter becomes a key driver of all real-time messaging and customer service drives. You should therefore look to integrate social platforms into your live chat  and customer service features, perhaps answering live questions and consumer queries through succinct and popular outlets such as Twitter.
Use a responsive design and Actionable icons
We have all heard about the customer journey, but this is crucial when looking to drive sales conversions. More specifically, a fluid, responsive and easy to navigate website design can simplify the purchasing experience and make it more enjoyable for customers, while the implementation of large and actionable icons also aids this process. The former is particularly important, as this reduces the amount of clicks that are required to complete a purchase.
Use Colour Psychology to your Advantage
Colour psychology offers a huge advantage to those who are trying to optimise sales conversions, as different tones, shades and combinations can be used to influence the overall mood of consumers and specific decisions. By using bold shades you can create a feeling of warmth and excitement around your brand, for example, helping to drive impulse purchases and convince uncommitted customers.