Five Lesser-Known Security and Privacy Tools for Online Users

Posted: 14th September 2020 14:45

The year 2020 will surely etch in our memory as the year of catastrophes and tragic events. With the lockdown, implemented there was an abrupt halt in trade and commerce activities.  As a result, the technological era came to its peak as social distancing prevailed all through the globe. It provided the much-needed impetus to the “work from home” concept. 
With this transition, numerous tools have emerged for commercial users so that the working profiles stay active. However, this has also brought about the vulnerability factor into consideration. Having a proper awareness of online safety becomes essential.
For this purpose, numerous practices could be adapted. Specific lesser-known tools that can serve your security measures well are feasible. Some of such devices which can help your sensitive information stay secure are listed as below:

Connect to an encrypted network

When you connect online through your home network, it might not be as safe as using your company’s secured network. This is a problem because it makes it susceptible to malicious actors always on the lookout for unsecured networks to tap into your information. To safeguard yourself from these hacks, a VPN can be installed. A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel separate to the ISP’s public server which allows your online activity to stay private to you.

Enable a cookie blocker

Often before entering any site, you must accept cookies based on the pop up that appears with the website. A cookie is a little piece of data that is stored in your web browser. Normal cookies only stay active on the website browser you visit, whereas tracking cookies remain active and collect your information as you go from one website to another. To retain your privacy, a cookie blocker would be an ideal solution to protect you from cookies tracking your online activity.

Keep a Password manager

Anytime you create an account online, it comes with a new password with your account. A weak password can make your account easily traceable and accessible by a simple set of keys. But to avoid this, a password manager application that securely manages codes can be used. It can help you create unique, strong passwords for every account individually. In addition to these, a strong password must have a length and variation factor so that it poses a significant difficulty for cybercriminals or hackers to crack.

Have a backup system for your files

Data kept in any device is always vulnerable to theft, corruption, or format, due to numerous factors. The abrupt power failure or some malware, any of it might be the reason and erase your efforts like it were never there. It is why having a proper system for backing up of the system data holds the utmost importance. By keeping your files backed up regularly you save the time and efforts, keeping your files backed.  

Monitor your credit closely

One of the unknown identity threats can occur through credit, i.e. bank accounts. Your name, address, and such sensitive data could easily be retrieved by scammers through some social engineering efforts disguised as genuine inquiries. However, keeping an eye open at your bank statements and credits can drastically improve your data safety. This one threat can scoop away your entire savings in just a blink so it is important to not take it lightly.
With an increase in digital crimes occurring worldwide, the safety of any system becomes a priority. For this, the various measures such as those mentioned above must be followed. It can be one of the steps to protect your company’s data from unwanted data hoarders. Hence, to ensure a better digital experience, make sure that before you begin working from the datasheets to the tabs of various sites on your web browser, you have followed the cyber protection points sincerely for a safe experience.