Five Metrics for Measuring Online PR Effectiveness

Posted: 3rd April 2017 11:20

Online public relations offers the opportunity for businesses to connect with media and users directly, garner third-party publications and widen their reach. Ever since internet marketing became popular, more businesses than ever have been integrating PR into their campaigns. According to the George Washington University and its online masters in public relations department, one of the reasons why online PR is very popular is due to the measurable nature of it.

There are five metrics that can be used to measure the success of an online PR campaign. Engagement, impressions and reach are the three more conventional metrics that can be tracked to measure the impact of an online PR campaign. Companies can also rely on items – the amount of content that originally appears as digital media – as well as mentions on various publications and social networks.

You can learn more about how to measure online PR effectiveness from the full infographic below.
Measuring Online Public Relations Effectiveness is an infographic by the George Washington University.
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