Five reasons why your business needs storage

Posted: 18th September 2015 12:21

Whether you’re revamping your office, looking to tidy up your factory or moving to a new working environment, it’s important to think about storage. The right storage solutions can quite literally change the way you think and work, so here are five reasons why it’s worth stocking up on boxes, racking, vertical bookshelves and compartmentalised shelves or turning to companies like Inside self to help look after bulkier or unused items.

1. Organisation

A cluttered, disorganised work space can lead to poor concentration, so it’s a really good idea to put all essential items in a designated place – and this is where storage comes in useful. While paper and other stationery can be tucked neatly into office draws or computer tables, you might want to invest in wall mounts for tools or big boxes/ball nets if you’ve a lot of sporting equipment to take care of. Of course, your storage needs will depend on the type of work you do, so take your time to think about what facilities will benefit your business.

2. Health and safety

According to UK law, all employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees meaning that all noticeable risks must be eliminated. This might mean putting loose computer cables into a plastic box so they don’t become a trip hazard or it might mean taking all broken chairs to the skip so that staff members don’t injure themselves. Similarly, as all hallways and fire exits should be free from obstruction, it might be worth putting anything that’s blocking the way into storage too.

3. Risk management

Risks can come in many different shapes and forms but if you deal with chemicals on a regular basis, you must make sure you’ve the right storage facilities in place. Lockable, non-flammable metal cabinets, for instance, are ideal for keeping a wide range of dangerous substances and you can even buys trays/lips for bottles to sit in that will help reduce damage should a spillage occur. A risk assessment will help you to identify the possible dangers you face at work and allow you to invest it the appropriate products.

4. Productivity

While many employees kill time at work doing completely nonsensical things such as hiding in the loos to talk to a friend or chatting on social media, others waste important working hours looking for equipment they can’t find. This can lose businesses a lot of money, so to avoid this try organising and storing everything in a clear logical way. Place labels on boxes, explain a redesign or tidy up to all current employees and brief new members of staff as to where everything is kept – and make sure all staff members follow the same office rules such as putting equipment back after use.

5. Professionalism

If you went for a client meeting you probably wouldn’t expect to see pens scattered across the floor or files spread across every desk. This would give off very bad vibes, so if you have visitors coming into your working space on a regular basis, apply the same thought process and ensure everything is neat and tidy by taking advantage of all the many storage facilities that are on offer these days. A tidy, sharp-looking office will create a good impression leaving you to work your magic and seal deals in other areas of business.

Storage is an important part of business, so it’s well worth taking a look at the unique and varied storage options available today.