Five Technologies That Can Make Your Business More Streamlined

Posted: 24th October 2016 15:56

With the advent of new technologies and innovations in hardware and software, there are more and more options for business owners to simplify processes and smooth out their operations. However, without the technological knowledge it takes, it can be difficult to tell which technologies are superfluous and which ones could really improve efficiency. Here are five ways new technologies can streamline your business:

Telephone System

With the advent of VoIP technology, tons of news ways of communicating are open to businesses. One of the few things that is possible with VoIP technology that wasn't with landlines is the ability to create transcripts and written backlogs of previous discussions on the go. VoIP telephony also allows business owners to take their phone numbers with them wherever they go. VoIP phones systems are also very easy to install and upgrade to fit the growing needs of your organisation.


One of the department's that has benefited the most from recent technologies is accounting. New advancements in technology have made it extra easy to retrieve statements for tax purposes, add new employees to the payroll, etc. New technologies such as queue management systems allow for your accounting department to work at distance and make changes on the fly.


New technologies allow small and big businesses to completely outsource their payroll department. This allows business owners to limit the number of employees they employ and relieve some of the burden from the shoulders of the accounting department.


New technologies also allow employees and various departments to communicate more easily. In addition to software solutions such as Cisco WebEx and Skype that allow employees to communicate together via the internet through video conferencing, Google Talk is gradually being integrated in Google’s suite of services and works in conjunction with Gmail and Google drive to facilitate collaboration.

Payments and Cash Transactions

One of the areas that has been completely revolutionised by new technologies is payment processing. Advancements in payment processing technology allows business owners to accept and send payments all throughout the globe in matter of seconds.

If you have sales reps on the go, or necessitate the option of being able to accept payments on the road, the need to buy expensive point of sales terminals has been made obsolete by new technologies. Sales reps and contractors can now accept online payments with nothing but a smartphone or tablet. This is especially beneficial for people who operate mobile businesses.
The possibilities new technologies offer to new business owners are endless. From the ability to accept payments on the go, all the way up to outsourcing vital departments such as accounting and payroll, new technologies are completely transforming the way businesses operate. Now that you understand the impact of new technologies on the business landscape, it would be wise for you and your organisation to get acquainted with these solutions so you'll be able to integrate them smoothly into your daily operations.