Five things all aspiring bloggers need to stay focused and successful

Posted: 14th October 2019 14:57

Blogging isn’t just about writing. True, that it might be what takes up most of your time, but as an aspiring blogger that dreams of success you need to understand that you’ll also have other responsibilities. You need to come up with interesting and engaging topics, eye catching graphics and visuals on your site, high quality content that is without mistakes, stunning photographs and keeping ontop of all your other social media profiles. In short, you’re creating and maintaining a full package.

So, what things should all aspiring bloggers have in order to stay focused and successful in their role? Read on to find out.

Writing tools

Of course you’ll need a word processing program so you can write, but you’ll also need to check your writing for mistakes, plagiarism and grammar and spelling errors, there are useful tools online that can help you do this. Having high quality writing is an absolute must for your blog, readers won’t hang around for long if your work is full of mistakes or flows poorly. Writing might be a huge part of the role itself, however you’ll probably spend even more time editing and changing what you’ve written, therefore its important to have the tools you need to make this part run smoothly.  

A good writing space

Typing away in the living room while the kids play at your feet sounds idyllic. However, it’s not realistic. Not if you want to get anything done! You’re going to need a good working area that you can concentrate in and focus. Somewhere to keep all your notes, your stationary and your tech and somewhere you can just get on without being disturbed! If you have a spare room then utilise it as an office, if not, try to find somewhere that has less traffic than others.


When you’re an aspiring blogger, organisation is everything. You’ll need to schedule what day and what time your posts are published, what time your vlogs or social media posts go live, you’ll also need to schedule the time when you sit down and write as well as completing the other errands and responsibilities in your life. Many bloggers opt for both electronic calendars (you can sync these up with your phone) as well as traditional calendars that they can take with them everywhere. You’ll need to get into the habit of using one, quickly!

Notebooks, planners, journals

It’s a common misconception that you’ll just need a computer to write on when you’re a blogger. However if you want to keep the inspiration flowing then it’s a good idea to have a few notebooks to hand so you can quickly jot down any ideas or moments of creativity for future posts or ideas.

Coffee. Lots of it.

Being a blogger might sound like a pretty laid back job. However it requires dedication, long hours and plenty of late nights and early mornings. Make sure you have plenty of caffeine on standby in plenty of Insta-worthy mugs and teacups!