Five Ways To Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted: 16th July 2018 08:42

The absolute worst way to run a business is to fail to build a relationship with your customers. An effective online marketing strategy is a way to counteract this unintentional blunder. It's a powerful way of marketing, and you should use it even if you happen to have a brick-and-mortar location.

This type of marketing offers unique benefits. For one thing, it's a low-cost way to communicate with a large number of people. For another, you avoid all the peril of mass marketing. Instead, you coordinate all your marketing messages to communicate with the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience.

Here are five ways to build the foundation of a formidable online marketing strategy:

1. Build a user-friendly website

A website is a simple, effortless way to generate leads and interact with your customers. Set it up with a minimalist design. Use video animation to welcome visitors to the home page. Spice it up with plenty of engaging copy and graphics.

A website will make it easy for your customers to understand your offer and buy from you.

Even if you do happen to have a brick-and-mortar location, you’ll benefit from a website. If you have a service business, use your website as a convenient way for people to make appointments, and if you a have a retail business, use your website to sell products.

2. Host an online community

As a marketer, you may also want to build an online community.

Although it takes time and effort to develop your own online community, it's worth it. It will help you in all aspects of building your brand. This is one of the fastest ways to play an influential role in your niche.

By conversing with your audience, you’ll discover their desires, and be in a position to come up with product ideas to meet unfulfilled needs.

There are many ways to host an online community:

You can build a forum where people can discuss their ideas.

You can develop it through email newsletters.

You can develop it through your blog by responding to reader's comments.

And you can develop it by setting up a social media group.

3. Communicate with a blog

A blog is a unique platform to communicate with your audience. It's rather like having your own newspaper where you get to write the feature articles and invite guest writers.

You can share experiences, opinions, and ideas on your blog about things that interest you and your readers.

A blog will also help you in other ways, too--like learning more about your field by researching and explaining your ideas, like establishing yourself as a subject matter expert in your niche, and like improving your search engine optimization.

3. Launch a social media presence

A social media page can help you build brand awareness. It is a cost-effective way of marketing without appearing to market.

Simply building a company page on the social media platform of your choice will increase your brand's visibility. Many people will discover you, your brand, and your website through your social media presence.

4. Initiate JV partnerships

When you plan to do a marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to enter into joint ventures with other business owners.

Working with other successful businesses will give you access to new markets. As a result, you will increase your capacity to reach more people.

By setting up JV partnerships, you will share the costs and rewards of your marketing campaign, and you will have access to far more resources than if you launch your marketing campaign on your own. You’ll enjoy the benefits of partners recommending your business to their audience and sending you traffic.

5. Offer an affiliate rewards program

Creating your own affiliate program can make you far more successful than if you only relied on your own marketing efforts.

This is a performance-based marketing concept.

Affiliates will only earn their commission after they have acted to make a sale.  So, offer generous commissions, as well as other incentives, to motivate affiliate to act and drive sales.

If you have an army of affiliates, they will accelerate the growth of your business.

The Bottom Line

Use these five simple marketing elements to build your business.  Each works alone, but together, they create a wonderful synergy.