Five Ways to Increase Office Productivity

Posted: 19th June 2020 09:49

Employees play an integral part in the success of your business. Thus, it is essential to ensure that employees are satisfied to give their best in carrying out business operations.

Providing employees with the right conditions at the office will enhance their productivity and increase the delivery process. In this case, it would be wise to make a few changes around the office to improve the working mood and environment.

Providing a suitable environment allows employees to produce quality work in the shortest period. Here are some ways to make your employees happy and increase their productivity.
Improve Office Conditions

Enhanced workplace conditions improve employee’s comfort. Monitor the conditions of the office and look at what needs improving.

You may choose to light the rooms naturally. Install big windows to light up the working spaces and allow ventilation. You can also have quiet places around the office for holding private talks and concentration for specific tasks.

Make sure your HVAC system is operating correctly and adequately. The system will ensure that the room has a good supply of fresh air and maintain the room temperature. Equip the office with recreation areas where employees can take a break and rest after difficult tasks.A  Ensure that the workplace is regularly cleaned to provide a healthy working environment.
Office Coffee Supply
There is nothing that beats a cup of cold brew coffee at the office as you work. Employees would appreciate a coffee maker at the office where they can refill their cups voluntarily.

Coffee supply will allow the employees to stay active as they work. Drinking caffeine also helps to improve concentration and focus levels thus increasing productivity.

These coffee breaks also create an opportunity for employees to interact and socialize, thus enhancing team building and role-playing. It creates an office culture where individual employees may be responsible for bringing doughnuts or cupcakes for workmates.

Apart from coffee, you may also provide other refreshments. It wouldn’t hurt to give doughnuts, cupcakes, or bagels at the office. Generally, it will improve morale around the office, thus increasing productivity for the business.
Provide Office Supplies and Equipment

Every office must have the right tools and equipment to carry out simple tasks and duties. For instance, it would be a shame that you failed to file your returns due to a lack of printing supplies.

Thus, ensure that the office is supplied with all the vital tools and other equipment to carry out certain office tasks. Additionally, it would help if you also improved the internet speed around the office.

It may be frustrating for employees to access the internet with a slow connection. You should ensure that your business has a reliable connection and fast devices.
Adequate Workspace

Ensure that your employees have enough space to carry out their duties. You can see to it that each employee has a suitable workstation to carry out their activities.

The workspace allocated to each employee will depend on the tasks to be carried out and how to improve the performance. Thus ensure that every employee has a unique space comfortable enough for them to perform their functions and other duties.

The workspace should also meet the employee’s health requirements. If you set up a desk with a computer, ensure that it is set up at an eye level to avoid straining. The chair and the counter should be comfortable enough to prevent any back injuries or fatigues.

Ensure that there is a lounge for resting and taking a break after long working hours.
Provide Lunch Breaks or Smoke Breaks

Ensure that the employees have enough time to go for lunch or smoke breaks. You can allow the smoke breaks in between the daily routines. Also, set enough time for employees to have their lunch or take a break from their work.
The breaks may be a power hour for the employees to get refreshments or take a nap. This allows them to improve their performance and thus increase their productivity.
Improved productivity requires happy employees. There are other ways to keep your employees productive, including reward programs for exemplary employees. Generally, you should meet most of the conditions to enhance work performance and improve working morale.