Five Ways to Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier

Posted: 15th September 2020 09:10

For any business, whether it is a high street service provider or an online retailer, making your customers’ lives easier when shopping or dealing with you should be a priority.
Improving the ease of which your customers shop with you is essential to encourage them to come back again, to helping them find what they desire and to building your reputation as a helpful organization. There are six easy ways to do this explained below, many of which can be implemented instantly.

1. Improve Your Branding

The first step to making your customers’ lives easier is to make sure they can recognize and find your business easier. The shopping process does not begin and end with a transaction; a customer’s shopping experience begins the moment they start searching for the item or service that they desire.
Making it simpler for them to find that service by having branding that stands out and grabs their attention instantly will create an excellent first impression and help them feel relaxed.

2. Make Your Store Accessible

If your business has a physical store on the high street or in a shopping mall, you should make it accessible to all. This includes having lifts if there are multiple floors, not having a step before the shop’s entrance (or having a ramp if this is unavoidable) and heavy doors should be propped open.
A considerate and meaningful action would be to train staff with how to serve customers with impairments or learning difficulties. For example, teaching staff sign language would promote inclusivity and ensure all deaf customers and clients were treated with the same shopping or service experience as others.

3. Simplify Your Website

To help those with visual impairments, the text on your website should not be too small, and any text over images or colored backgrounds should stand out enough to be clear and obvious.
Simplifying your website will ensure your online presence is accessible for those less familiar with using the internet and should also increase traffic to your sales or contacts pages as customers will more easily navigate through to the pages they need.

4. Use A Toll-Free Number

Using a toll-free number means customers can call your business for free from a landline, even if they are calling from a long-distance away. Having a recognizable 800 service will encourage more customers to ring through for information, enquiries and sales.
The easier it is for customers to call you, the more leads you should be able to generate and the more open and welcoming your business appears.

5. Don’t Shackle Customer Service Staff

Attempt to free up the natural ability of your customer service staff. Shackling your staff with a list of template responses, targets to hit or restrictive dos and don’ts can make them appear unnatural and stand-offish to customers who want a pleasant shopping experience.
Allowing your staff to be warm and welcoming on their own terms will encourage customers to ask them questions and demand their assistance at their own leisure, making their time in your store calmer and more undisturbed.