Four Benefits of Virtual Offices That Recruiters Cannot Afford to Ignore

Posted: 20th March 2017 08:18

Much has been said about virtual offices as a tool for creativity and collaboration. They are flexible, affordable, and ideal for smaller businesses. Yet, less is said about their benefits for recruiting companies and executives on the hunt for talent.
As co-working environments are a natural draw for innovators, they are a great place to scout for new employees. Many of the users are freelancers and independent contractors, who are open to offers from bigger companies. All you have to do is infiltrate the right circles.
Keep reading to find out why virtual offices are some of the best places to talent scout and find ambitious, creative workers.
A Diverse Array of Talent
The beauty of shared workspaces, like the Servcorp virtual offices in Perth, is that they bring a diverse range of people together. There are copywriters, web developers, app designers, marketers, graphic artists, architects, photographers, and much more.
They are hives of creative activity and endeavour, so they are filled with promising individuals. As well as being able to take advantage of the facilities, recruiters can use virtual offices are scouting grounds. With many users working as outsourced HR, it is not as if you are poaching employees from other companies.
More Staff for Less Cash
It is also worth thinking about how much money you can save by upgrading your workforce, without necessarily expanding your main business premises. Start-ups have a tendency to grow very quickly in the first few years. It can be difficult to balance the cost of building a full team because it is not just money for wages that you have to find.
Expanding means more space and, in a city like Perth, commercial real estate is costly. Virtual facilities are a smart solution because they allow employees to operate off the main site but from a fully equipped corporate suite. All you have got to do to make it work is establish ground rules. Stay in contact with remote employees and ensure that they remain on target.
A Flexible Arrangement
For companies that are expanding into the Australian market, flexible workspaces are a valuable asset. They are one of the few options which enable businesses to retain a degree of independence and control. The reality is that nobody can know for sure whether an expansion or an overseas will launch will be a success.
Clever companies exercise caution by only spending what they need to and only making long-term commitments where necessary. One place where this is not essential is your office because virtual workspaces are available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Whether you are launching or recruiting, you can do it from an environment which makes few demands on you.
Natural Collaboration
You should not underestimate the value of collaboration, particularly when it comes to finding new talent. If you place yourself in communal, cooperative environments, you will meet people with excellent communication skills. When virtual offices began to appear as part of the mainstream, many people assumed that they must be places of distraction and disruption.
It could not be further from the truth. The people who choose to work in virtual offices do so because they understand the importance of connections. They are workers who can adapt to changing conditions, liaise with all kinds of personalities, and use group cohesion to produce great results. In short, they are people that you want working for your company.
How to Find Talent in the Virtual Offices in Perth
There are some excellent virtual facilities in Perth. The AMP Tower and Brookfield Place are both home to high-end providers. The addresses themselves are another corporate tool which can help companies to get ahead. With an impressive address, you can catch the eye of investors and show consumers that you are one of the best.