Four corporate websites that’ll teach you a lesson or two

Posted: 29th June 2018 12:18

Even if it’s looking slicker than James Bond at a poker table, chances are your website could use some improvement.

And that’s because not every issue with a website is about design.

Sometimes your copy isn’t sharp enough. In other cases, your customer experience is below par. And if we’re getting technical, your site might be plagued by broken links and dead end pages when we look under the hood.
Every site’s main aim is to make a customer complete a desired action, whether that means reading a blogpost, filling out a form or splashing out on a faux fur coat.

And if your site isn’t persuading customers to complete that action, it’s a failure, whether it looks pretty neat or not.
In a world where ecommerce is the dominant form of retail, making your website purr under and over the hood is vital to your businesses’ success.

To help you out, we’ve found a few websites that fit the bill.

They’re sleek, functional and keep customers engaged. Take a look.

On the face of it, the site looks pretty ordinary – but this small parking provider’s site is hiding an array of special features that would put bigger travel sites to shame.

Let’s start with ease of use. With simple input, you can compare parking prices at the click of a button, and changing your search parameters is a no-fuss job.

But it’s a company that’s not only interested in a cash grab, as it implicitly let customers know with the inclusion of a member’s area that allows them to manage their booking.

The lesson learned: a website should take an interest in its customer at every point in the buying cycle.


‘Curated content’ was the buzz phrase in marketing a few years ago, but it’s only really worked in a few minor instances.

Spotify playlists took off in a big way, attracting millions of users to their platform. And curated social sites like Pinterest have their fans. But in retail, user-curated sites can devolve into a mess quickly.

Limeroad is one of the few clothing brands to get the experience right. Head to their homepage and you’ll see a carousel of products, all handpicked by users, and customers can participate in ‘scrapbook’ contests where the best curator wins a prize.

It’s gamified the purchasing process and led to a consistent user base.

The lesson learned: in the right hands, curation can improve the purchasing process.


The fashion world exists in a strange space online, totally unknown to the outside world but kept alive by a sizeable group of devotees.

For a brand to break into the mainstream takes a site that’s been tweaked to perfection – and Missguided has managed exactly that.

Its site is bold, brash and designed to the hilt, just like its target audience.

The lesson learned: a website should be geared towards your intended audience.

Can you think of any other websites that are perfect at attracting customers? Then let us know in the comments below.