Four Fun Tips to Increase Employee Retention

Posted: 15th December 2017 15:20

Not everything related to business needs to be formal. In fact, having fun can be just as important for the success of your company. This is particularly true in the case of employee happiness and employee retention. If you do not have a great work environment at your company, you will find that a lot of your most talented employees quit and move on to your competition. This happens because your best employees know that they are very hirable, and therefore they have a higher standard for their employers.
That is why every employer needs to ensure that they have adopted these fun tips to increase employee happiness, and as a result, employee retention:
1. Promote from Within First
One of the biggest reasons why employees will quit is because they don’t see a future with your company. This can happen as a result of you hiring outside of your company for top positions, instead of first looking to promote from within. If you find that your current employees are not ready or qualified for a new position, then, of course, you can hire someone new, but you should always prove to your employees that you care about their success first.
2. Rewards Over Competition
Another huge mistake that employers make is pitting their employees against one another in a bid for a single prize. This will only ensure that your lower-performing employers work less, and your higher employees see their coworkers as competition. It is terrible for teamwork and performance, so instead of setting your employees against each other, reward each one as they reach key milestones.
3. Host Parties
One of the best ways to reward your employees and to also help them bond with one another is to host seasonal parties. The Christmas season, in particular, is a huge opportunity to celebrate together. To ensure your party is a huge hit, decorate it, ensure there is a lot of food and drink options, and also set up multiple party activities.
4. Improve the Break Room
The better a break, the better your employees will work. That is why you should improve the break room in your office so that your employees can relax, eat healthy meals from home, and so that they can refuel. You could even allow your employees to play games while on lunch; for example, allow them to play Unibet casino games, or even set up a pin ball machine. The better your break room, the more your employees will enjoy working there.
The more effort you put into providing value to your employees, the more they will enjoy working for you. This means that you can create incentives for your best employees to stay, even in the face of a potentially larger wage from a competitor. If they love the environment, who they work for, and their coworkers, they will love working there, meaning that you can benefit from their talent, no matter how big or successful a company you are.