Four Tips for A Happy, Relaxing Summer

Posted: 7th June 2021 14:06

Are you looking to have a relaxing, joyful, and happy summer? As kids, we always looked forward to the freedom from school, time to go swimming, and playtime with friends.
Now, as adults, we are looking ahead to warmer days and time in nature. Its never too early to start planning for a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.
If youre noticing that the pressures of work are getting to you, planning your summer days is a smart way to get into the happy feeling of this season.
One question that might be at the top of your list: How do you start being the carefree, happy person you were as a child?
Here are 4 great tips to set you on your happy journey.
Make Time for You
Are you someone who tends to put everyone first? If youre super busy at work, taking care of your kids, checking in on elderly parents and neighbors…you may be last on your list. 
Today is the day to make time for you. You can schedule it on your calendar. Make a date with yourself. Even if you start with a short date – 5 or 10 minutes is a good start.
As you get comfortable with putting yourself on the schedule, expand the amount of time. If you just add a few minutes per day, guess what will happen? Youll get in practice with having quality time to take care of yourself.
Focus On Your Dreams
What are your dreams? In our busy lives, its just so easy to put dream-time on the back burner. Suddenly a decade has gone by. Youre still doing the things that you thought would only take a year or two. 
Sound familiar? In the spirit of fearless investigation, take some quality me time” and focus on your dreams. What did you imagine youd do when you were a child? What were your dreams in high school or college?
Did you think you might become a nurse, doctor, or paramedic? If so, you might find a Doctor of Nursing Practice, or a DNP program offers the solution youve been seeking. New programs make it possible to start where you are, learn essential skills, and achieve your lifelong dreams.
Do What You Love
Life is too short to spend it in a job you hate. Its also too short to spend it feeling like you arent happy, dont have friends, or dont have the resources to do what you love. 
Thats why summer is such a great time to explore what you love to do. The warmth of summer invites us to toss off heavy jackets, sweaters, and coats. Its not just the physical weight that were taking off. 
Were also taking off the mental cloaks that may have kept us feeling weighed down by old beliefs. Now is a great time to not only lighten up our clothing but also lighten up our beliefs.
Its a good time to explore things that make you happy – and do what you love.
Speaking of doing what you love, why not make a list?
It doesnt have to be massive and earth-shattering. It can be tiny and personally rewarding. Make a list of things that are completely within your ability, control, and influence.
These might include:
• Have a cup of soothing herbal tea
• Plant some flowers on the porch or garden
• Toss out clothes that dont fit
• Brighten up the living area with colorful pillows
• Make dinner with summertime treats
• Have a picnic with a friend or loved one
As youre doing what makes you happy, there is no right or wrong thing to have on your list. Whats on yours today?
Enjoy Yourself
Lets face it. We arent kids anymore. But we can set about having a great time, doing things we love—even if money is tight. 
If youre struggling with finances, take some time to get a sense of your current financial picture. Start with making a budget. It is possible to get your finances in shape and overcome financial pressure
You may have forgotten how to enjoy yourself. But dont worry, with a little inquiry, youll remember what it feels like to lose track of time at the beach, walk in the grass, or watch clouds from a picnic blanket.
As you practice taking small steps, youll get stronger at enjoying yourself. In a short time, you will be more confident in being able to relax – and bask in the warm weather of summer.