Four Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Sales

Posted: 19th October 2017 10:09

Could your business perform better when it comes to e-commerce? If you’re dissatisfied with low e-commerce sales, it’s time to re-evaluate your online presence. Online marketing requires a two-pronged approach. The first part is easy: generate traffic to your website. The second part is a little more complicated, and it’s all about converting that traffic into e-commerce sales. Below are 4 ways you can improve your online presence and start converting more online leads into paying customers.
#1 Improve Your Website
If you’re trying to improve your e-commerce results, start with your website. This is prime internet real estate – your public face to the rest of the world and the foundation of the rest of your online presence. Converting customers is the ultimate goal of any online marketing campaign and your website is your most effective conversion tool. No detail is too small to consider on your website; up to 70 percent of businesses say that they have lost out on a sale due to a complaint about their website. It should function, load quickly, look good, be easy to use, and be rich with valuable, unique content. Update your blog, make sure search functions work properly, talk to a developer about building a mobile friendly website, and build valuable, search engine optimized content.

#2 Advertise with Classified Ads
One of the struggles of online advertising is finding your market – how do you market to people in your area, interested in your goods or services, on a platform designed to connect billions of people across the globe? The internet has given marketers and businesses better tools than ever to advertise to precisely-selected demographics on social media, while search engines favor local results.
Online classified sites like Kijiji are effective and free ways for businesses to market directly to local customers already looking for their services. People go to online classifieds because they already know what they’re looking for, and with searches filtered by geography, you’re reaching people near you. Unique posts on digital classifieds bring your brand exposure and target people are already in the buying process.
#3 Repetition
Online marketing needs repetition; your customers may not be online when you’re posting new content, which is why you need to reiterate, repost, and retweet. Value added content is always worth re-sharing, and an informative blog post on your website is a great way to lead social media back to your website. You can’t expect your customers to be online when your ad is the most recent, you have to keep up with them.
You can post up to 25 unique ads per day on Kijiji; space these out throughout your workday so that whenever someone logs on, they see your business. You can also use sponsored ads to stay at the top of relevant search pages. The busiest times on the internet are between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., and 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. While “internet prime time” is more likely to be driven by streaming users watching Netflix and other media, the lunch-hour rush is more likely to involve mobile and people at work who are searching for goods and services. Post unique classified ads on Kijiji several times during this busy period when people are shopping online.
#4 Earn Your Reputation
According to Nielsen, consumers trust earned reputation more than any other form of advertising except word-of-mouth. Online, there are more ways for consumers to publicly share their experiences with a business than ever. Review sites, discussion forums, comments section, and social media all give customers a chance to let voices be heard. There are also industry-specific review sites out there that appeal to businesses in a particular niche; do your research and make sure you’re on the sites where people look for reviews. Reviews have a major impact on a consumer’s decision to buy with you. A negative review can put a quick stop to your sale if you haven’t taken steps to change the customer’s experience.
Armed with these strategies, you can turn around your e-commerce performance in no time.