Four Ways Video Marketing Can Boost Your Brand

Posted: 20th February 2017 09:27

Today, video is the latest big trend in the world of advertising and marketing. But, advertising your products, services and your brand through this medium is certainly nothing new. As most of us will know, television adverts have been a regular part of everyday life for decades, and since the internet was invented, online video ads have also grown in popularity, popping up everywhere from before YouTube videos to on our social media feeds. So, there’s definitely a reason why video marketing is so hugely popular, but what is it? Let’s take a look at how video marketing could give your brand a boost.

Improve Brand Awareness:

With an interesting and catchy video from creative professionals such as the guys at Spiel Creative, you can seriously improve brand awareness and boost your brand exposure. Statistics show that people watch videos on social media more than they engage in other activities such as reading statuses or clicking on links. Using video for Facebook has been growing in effectiveness since Facebook introduced automatic video playback on news feeds – users simply can’t help but watch!

Boost Customer Engagement:

Any marketing professional will tell you that video marketing is one of the best ways to boost customer engagement. By providing your customers online with video clips that they enjoy watching, you’ll also be encouraging them to comment and leave feedback, or even visit your website or blog to find out more. Videos can be much more relatable than other forms of marketing media for your customers; using video clips to their full potential can yield significant results.

Achieve Better Customer Satisfaction:

All good business owners share the same goal – to keep their customers satisfied. Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business, so it’s important that they are always your top priority. Video marketing can lead to better customer satisfaction in a range of ways – for example, using product videos, instead of just product photos, will give customers at an e-commerce store a better idea of what they’re buying and can reduce the number of product returns. Likewise, review videos can also boost customer satisfaction, by giving potential customers advice on what to expect when they shop with your brand.

Stand Out From the Crowd:

You may be wondering how on earth you could stand out from the crowd with video marketing, when every business is doing it? Even though it’s a popular form of marketing right now and is set to continue growing, video marketing is a very versatile form of advertising your brand, and with the right amount of creativity, can quickly make you stand out and set the bar high for your competition. Animation, for example, can be made particularly memorable, or you could design a storyline to your video that is going to be difficult to forget.
Investing in video marketing is a wise choice for any business. Social media sites, websites, blogs, YouTube, and even the television are all possible platforms for your marketing videos, which can benefit your company significantly.