Gamblers Tips on How to Nail an Interview

Posted: 16th April 2018 14:38

There are a lot of things that people learn from gambling. That is why people study gambling. It is not just a matter of random luck but much like chess, these games were designed around society. Therefore the study of the gambling games (available at gives a deeper understanding of society and how to succeed in it.

How to Nail an Interview

i. Timeless Charm. 
Society has so many unwritten rules. Rules that are now becoming more and more important in the way we make everyday decisions. Basic rules on how we relate to each other as humans are fast changing.

A compliment on how well dressed an interviewer is might have increased your chances of getting a job. However, now, regardless of whether you are male or female this can make you appear to be sexual harassment case waiting to happen.

Always be up to date with social etiquette trends. No need to worry though, just be decent and if your decency offends them then it might not be the best place for you.

ii. Remember why you are there. If it is real money gaming then it is about fun and money so you need to at least be getting one. Strategic gamblers are those that get both the fun and the rewards regularly.

For the interview either you get the job or you get the experience. It is not all job interviews that you are going to get, even if you are the Chuck Norris of interviews. For each interview that you attend make sure that you learn something. That is what real intelligence is, the ability to continually perfect yourself through learning.

iii. People matter. That is the reason why even American or Australian online casinos allow gamblers in different locations to communicate just as they would in a real casino. This means that you must develop a habit or second nature that allows you to quickly bond with people even for just an instant.