Geolift Baltic Wins Most Innovative in Building Stability Solutions - Europe

Posted: 8th February 2022 16:46

Winners in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

Based in Lithuania, Geolift Baltic specialises in building stability solutions. The company works to stabilise the soil and lift or level the floor and foundation of sinking buildings in order to restore properties to their original height and shape. Geolift’s highly qualified and professional team guarantees all work will be completed efficiently and precisely without damaging, excavating or demolishing the building itself or the areas surrounding it. Services are currently offered across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland within various industries including transport and construction.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the innovative technology used by Geolift’s specialists. The team injects a geopolymer into the soil by drilling 10-12 mm holes to the depths determined by its geological analysts. As geopolymers have a high density, enormous expansion force and moisture resistance, they fill all the gaps within the soil both quickly and easily, restoring the structure to its former shape and position. No heavy machinery or complicated equipment is required, and in some cases, it is not even necessary to remove any concrete slabs or soil to assess the condition beneath the building. This method is pleasing visually and ensures that clients can continue their day-to-day operations with minimal interference or distractions. Work completed beneath residential buildings also does not require any additional preparation, such as tenants temporarily vacating the premises or moving furniture- clients can remain within the comfort of their homes as the work is carried out.
The judges additionally praised Geolift for its exceptional customer care. Up to 20 years warranty is available on all Geolift products and services, and the company guarantees the materials and technologies it uses are of the highest quality. Clients can also contact the business’ specialists (who are experts in geology, geotechnics and material science) at any time of day, and free initial consultations are also available. In addition, team members are able to visit a client’s property to determine the problem and present a solution completely free of charge. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry and incredible insight into the latest technologies, Geolift’s team can be trusted to provide the best possible service, both promptly and flawlessly.
“With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, Geolift’s team can be trusted to provide the best possible service, both promptly and flawlessly.”