Get The Gavel On Your Employer With An Injury Claim

Posted: 15th August 2014 09:08

By Webb Ward
Slips, trips, falls and worse – they can all happen when you’re on the job. But, by and large, an accident in the workplace won’t be your fault.

Your employer might be as nice as they come. They might shower you with rose petals upon entering your workplace, send you delightful emails with pictures of funny cats and wander around your office wearing a resplendent halo and doling out pay rises with every utterance.

But even if they’re that nice, they’re breaking the law by shirking health and safety legislation.

And you’re not helpless in your rights if an accident occurs in your workplace.

You’ve probably seen those somewhat hammy ads on the telly. “HAVE YOU HAD AN ACCIDENT AT WORK?” a suited man bellows while pointing his finger out of the television. With a 3D telly, that accusatory finger could take your eye out.

While they might seem dodgy, these no win, no fee injury claim professionals have the skills to bring your health and safety-ignoring employers bang to rights.

So, if you’re stuck in a neck brace or plaster cast because of your employer’s uncaringness, what should you do?

Making your claim
First off, pick up the phone or visit the website of a claims expert, where you’ll be asked to detail the circumstances of your accident. Once a solicitor has all the basic information they need, they can then decide whether your case has a leg to stand on.

After these formalities, it’s time to get into the meat of the claim.

Along with your solicitor, you’ll have to gather evidence proving how the accident is the fault of your employer. CCTV footage, doctor’s reports, eyewitnesses, layout of the scene, compliance reports – almost anything and everything can count towards an effective trial.

If you’ve ever seen a crime show, you’ll know that even the smallest fleck of evidence can be the linchpin for a strong case. So gather everything you can.

Your solicitor will then file an official claim, which your employer can either accept and organise a settlement over, or else reject, meaning it’s time to get a judge and the courts involved.

By this point in the process, your solicitor should have all they need to produce a robust attack on your behalf. It’s then that you must fully place your trust in their legal expertise and knowledge. Whether you win or lose, your solicitor is the crutch for you to walk with.

It can be intimidating to make a claim against your employer, and can put many more people off. But without the claims system, bosses can continue running dangerous workplaces unchecked.

In essence, making a claim is a civic duty as well as a personal one. So, don’t worry about your boss. If you’ve had an accident, make a claim today. 



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