Get your new teams excited with these awesome induction ideas

Posted: 14th August 2020 11:13

The hiring and subsequent induction process is an incredibly important role for any HR representative. Employees these days come and go, which means that induction training needs to be swift and engaging, yet in-depth and informative. And as many HR representatives will tell you, it’s a difficult balance to get right.

With many topics to cover in a small space of time, including health and safety, code of conduct, company culture, computer systems, their responsibilities and roles as new employees, as well as meeting other members of the company, there's a lot to get through and take in. And the last thing any employer wants is to have their latest recruits scared off due to the overwhelming volume of information and data they need to consume.

These days, technology can play a vital role in ensuring induction training isn’t as drab and dull as it once was. Digital solutions, including HR software to onboard new employees, have completely revolutionised onboard training and inductions as we know it.

Here we’ll explore how you can get your new teams excited with these awesome induction ideas.
Consider online training

Are your new employees working from home? If your business is moving to a home-based model, or if you’re keeping safety and social distancing in mind, then online training is a simple yet effective way to renew the dated process of induction training.

Interactive learning is a much more successful way of absorbing information than watching presentation after presentation. Self-training also gives your new employees a sense of responsibility and it helps HR to monitor their individual process and ensure that important information is being fully understood. 

Use the shadow method

Once the basics of health and safety and workplace conduct have been covered, why not consider using the shadow method to give your new employees a real taste of their new role and workplace. By letting a new employee observe how different roles work and how one role fits into another, new employees will have a better understanding of your business and the processes they need to get to grips with.

Free stuff!

Who doesn’t love a freebie?! There’s nothing that will engage your new starters faster than some high-quality company merch. First impressions are important and when you’ve spent a lot of time and money recruiting the right people, the last thing you want is for them to move on within 48 hours.

Small tokens also demonstrate how you’re already investing in your new recruits and it sets the precedent for the rest of their career. Company pens and notebooks, tote bags, branded lanyards and even hoodies or workwear are a great touch!

And finally, arrange an informal event

If you’re dealing with a group of new starters, consider arranging an informal event to tie off the induction process. This could be a meal with CEO and managers, or a night out with their fellow new starters. Informal events like these are the perfect way to get employees mingling with other members of staff.