Go Green: Tips to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Posted: 13th March 2018 08:31

In today’s world where pollution is blatantly getting worse, we can take simple steps that could result in big improvements. There are many ways to show compassion to our environment, even when you’re at work. Being environmentally friendly will not only benefit your business and the company but will also surely produce positive change. By encouraging every employee and every person in the company to go green, it will eventually become a common practice not just in the workplace, but also at home. Here are several simple ways to turn your company green and at the same time, gain more patrons and save your company money.

Check Your Office Supplies and Equipment

Most companies are guilty of using disposable supplies or those that produce hazardous waste. You may opt for reusable supplies, such as refillable pens. Instead of having plastic cups in the pantry, why not ask your workmates to bring their own tumblers or mugs? You might also want to consider using eco-friendly business cards that are made of 100% tree-free and recycled paper.

Choose Suppliers that Use Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging has a lot of advantages for the company and the environment. You may opt for an office supplier that uses returnable packaging - transporting packaging containers back to the source to reduce waste. Instead of receiving disposable packaging and dumping the stacks in the trash, why not send it back to the supplier? It directly affects the company’s costs, saves heaps of materials used for packaging, and is overall beneficial.

Choose Alternative Energy

More companies are now using green power sources, such as solar energy. Organisations, whether big or small, may also switch to using wind energy. There are also alternative options to choose from - alternative energy that is produced from renewable sources aside from solar and wind power, including geothermal, plant matter, and hydro-power.

Take Care of Plants

You can use large plants along hallways and lobbies to improve the environment indoors. Inside the office, plants in small pots may be displayed on each desk. It is a fact that plants help in enhancing productivity and reducing stress. Conduct a tree-planting movement once a year for the whole organisation. It will be a fun and memorable activity for the team.

In addition to the last step, you can also engage in partnership with other organisations and business groups that are going green. Together, you can reduce the consumption of hazardous materials, you can promote being eco-friendly, and attract more customers and patrons who will definitely admire your institution for its brave and bold movement. It is definitely a win-win situation for the institution, the employees, suppliers, and the environment.