Google Play Store to Allow Real Money Gambling Apps

Posted: 15th September 2017 16:19

Google, as you may already be aware - is the world’s largest internet supplier, developer and administrator. Anything on Google makes your life easy. Google Play Store has brought that convenience to casino players as well. Any app on Google Store is a great deal today. The next big thing here is real money gambling apps. Yes, Google has finally announced that they will allow mobile casino appsnow on Play Store. So the buzz has brought bright smiles on gamblers around the world.
What to expect from this major mobile casino apps announcement?
The application process
Top online and mobile casinos like Jackpot Mobile Casinoare required to complete a formal application process with Google. Details of license where the casino is operating need to be given. They need to provide that information in countries they are planning to operate in. There will be a stringent procedure to ensure the online mobile casino is legitimate and legal in every way. The process will be similar to that of Apple. The way they deal with new applications before allowing it for download. And as of now, this will be available for the UK region. Google has also announced that more countries will be covered gradually in the future.
Benefits of mobile casino apps on Google Play Store
Be ready to experience better casino gaming
With online casinos like Jackpot Mobile Casinois expecting to add mobile casino app on Google Play Store, you can easily expect a better gaming quality. Instantly access and save a lot of time and effort.