How An Office Redesign Can Impact Business

Posted: 24th September 2015 11:42

The design and layout of an office can affect the performance of a business in a number of ways, from conditioning the way in which employees are able to work within the space, to determining how the business is perceived by prospective clients. So how can you take advantage of an office redesign to maximise the potential of your business?
Employee Productivity

The building in which your employees work has the potential to improve overall productivity by as much as 12.5%, or to reduce it by up to 17%. According to CIPHR, “In a sense, the office design is essential to allow a perfect integration of the employee into the workplace.” You can help maximise employees’ performance by taking the simple steps they suggest:
Company Culture
The way in which your office is designed can help to create a certain kind of culture or mindset amongst the staff and towards their work. For example, consider the benefits of a large, open-plan office space which can encourage a sense of openness, trust and friendship, as opposed to private offices which can be isolating and non-collaborative.
This is the approach adopted by Weebly, where the company directors aim to cultivate a sense of family amongst their employees. They go so far as to provide an entire floor separate to the desk space which houses a kitchen area, a game room, a fitness centre and even a spa with bi-monthly massages for each employee.

Client Engagement
Office design not only affects employees, but also sends an important message about your business to prospective clients. A recent CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) report suggests that “Whether seen when driving down a street or on the cover of a magazine, the space a company occupies provides an opportunity to transmit a message.”

Leading design and build interior fit-out specialist, Opus-4, agrees: “The desks, chairs, soft seating, front-of-house furniture, and the choice of textiles and colours used combine to make a bold statement about your business.” Click herefor Opus-4 to get started with some innovative design ideas to send the right message about your business.
A simple office redesign could provide the opportunity your business needs to improve employee productivity, cultivate a company culture based on trust and friendship, and ultimately create an environment that will successfully attract clients.