How Businesses Hit Hard by COVID-19 are Rebuilding

Posted: 29th June 2020 10:53

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on individuals and businesses alike. As companies start to rebuild, they are making some helpful changes to accommodate their customers in new and efficient ways. If you are reorganizing your business to better serve customers in these challenging times, the following tips may be useful.
Make More With Less

With the loss of revenues during the quarantine period of the past few months, many businesses are finding ways to make up the shortfall while reopening. One way to do this is to trim the budget and save money by making convenient changes, like purchasing used printing equipment instead of buying new products to save money. With many companies closing their doors, used machinery and unused supplies in back stock can be purchased at a fraction of their original price while providing high-quality service. You can also find decorative accents and office furniture at reduced prices.
Upgrade Technology, Automation, and Facilities

As your business prepares to reopen, this is a good time to update your technology until things are up and running at regular speed. You can purchase new apps that will help you save time or just download the latest versions of your company's most-used programs. If it is time for new computer desk monitors or an update to your automation processes, such as a telephone system, do it now before business resumes with gusto. Get everything set up and ensure it operates as it should as more customers return to do business. This might be a good time to check your facilities and have minor problems fixed with AC or plumbing before small problems become big, expensive issues.
Reconnect with Customers
Remind your customers and clients that you are now open and prepared to protect their health as well as that of your employees. You can post an announcement on your company's website or post to social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A mailed postcard will notify people who don't use technology that much, and a sign on your company building or out front will inform the public in general. A phone call or text message is also helpful to regular customers or those who have previously expressed interest in your business by visiting the website, for example. Some people won't know you have reopened until you tell them. Include your startup date if needed
Encourage Relevant Sales
You should also let customers and the public know about new products or revamped services that will be even more useful during the pandemic as life gradually returns to normal. Offer useful products and services that they might not have needed before but can definitely use now, like cleaning products or distancing support with plexiglass shields, etc. You may also have older stock that you can offer at a discount, which can help to motivate customers to start shopping again.
Relaunch your business in positive, customer-friendly ways to remind them you are open and ready to meet their needs. Make sure everything is working well, and update efficiently while reducing costs if possible. An upbeat attitude will also help to bring back business when you need it most.