How can you promote yourself online as a financial agency?

Posted: 14th December 2015 14:53

Online marketing has managed to yield notable results for businesses in terms of ensuring traction. However, financial marketers have always found it a bit cumbersome to explore its merits optimally owing to a number of protocols governing the functionalities of financial agencies. Plus, as a financial marketer it becomes difficult for you to get rid of the financial jargons while putting up posts on social media. However, you cannot really exclude social media advertising from your holistic marketing strategies- simply owing to the fact that most of your customers are “there”. So, here are a few tips with the help of which you can actually reach out to a wider audience base through social media without violating compliance measures. Read on to find out:

Social Media Marketing for finance companies

The trick is to know how exactly you can get your message through to your audience. You should start off by realizing that you cannot really go on to “thrust” your financial knowhow on your audience. If there are far too many financial jargons crowding your posts, your audience will end up feeling stupid. Try to avoid words laden with difficulty and replace them with the layman’s terms. Remember that, your clients are, in no way interested in acquainting themselves with financial terminology. They want to start off, by figuring out whether or not they will be able to buy from you or not. There is hardly any time for them to Google and discover the meanings of the words they are stumbling upon.
Now, the question is how exactly you can juxtapose warmth (through your messages) and compliance. A potent trick would be to tell your clients about your story- the passion with which you intend to serve them and of course, the objectives shaping your business. Come to think about it! It’s going to be far easier to water down the usage of financial terminology when you are telling your audience about your “personal” stories. It is also much easier to forge an emotional bond. Let us tell you that there are several financial agencies that are afraid of telling personal stories. There is a strong chance of alienating your clients in such way. The reality is you can actually afford to be a tad vulnerable and make way for some substantial dialogue with your audience.

While you are promoting your company online you should follow them up with disclaimers. It has two-fold benefit. First, it eliminates all the doubts and chances of the audience being misled. Plus, it offers you the much-needed peace of mind that you are not violating protocols of for that matter misleading your clients in any which way. A reliable finance marketing agency will not really find it difficult to tackle your digital marketing needs with due prudence.

Now, when we have said that most of your clients are on social media, we actually meant that (as per reports) around 70% of the investors have actually redistributed their investments (while some of them went on to change relations with investors as well) after studying the social media activities of their financial advisors.