How CRM Strategies Are Used To Benefit Business

Posted: 8th April 2015 09:27

Not long ago, CRM was not embraced by upper management and marketing professionals as it is today, particularly since 70 - 75% of most CRM initiatives have failed in the past. In fact, since the market has experienced a major rebound, many software companies have developed CRM programs to streamline processes to further support its growth.
What Is CRM?
Customer Relationship Management or CRM involves the use of a technology-based platform used to store, manage, oversee, and analyze various customer data that involves information about how customers interact with a business. There are a variety of aspects that are evaluated on the CRM platforms that will allow business owners to analyze management level information about their clients, which is important when making various business and marketing decisions to ultimately close the sale.
The Most Common Ways That CRM is Used By Businesses
The most common way that businesses use CRM software is by gathering geographic and demographic information about their customer's needs and wants, spending habits, disposable income, and their purchasing power. This information is very useful as it assists business owners with key decisions that are needed to make sales projections, marketing strategies, production management decisions relative to inventory control, and sales forecasting.
CRM platforms also allow business owners and managers to segment customers based on various demographic information. In addition, it tracks various means of communication with other members of the company.  The purpose of this is to allow the information to be used as an indicator of what the customer's future purchasing plans are, based on previously stored data. CRM software helps to generate sales leads and use information stored in the systems to determine the best customers to target during various periods of the sales cycle. Other common uses of CRM software arecustomer loyalty programs, emails, and other direct advertising programs. It is also used to correspond with customers on their birthdays and for rewards programs.
How CRM Increases Productivity
Because most CRM systems have the ability to generate a variety of reports, business owners can use this information to target specific customers for various items. The more a company knows about its customers, the better decisions they can make. For example, customers that vacation in the summer would not be affected by advertising material that promotes ski vacation resorts during the winter. This strategy saves the company time and money on advertising costs. This also allows customers to be targeted for ads that directly affect their wants and needs. Business owners that implement CRM systems are finding that they have a wide variety of software platforms to choose from as well. This allows them to further streamline their work and reach the right market segment.
Although CRM has grown in popularity, many organizations continue to struggle with how to best implement CRM programs that provide them with the best results, which includes measurable return on investment. Take a look at the programs available and find the best fit for your business. This great software is sure to help you grow your sales and get the most out of your advertising and customer relations.